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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The Writer's Room is a location within Alan Wake 2. It is a location that protagonist Alan Wake goes into when he wants to try and rewrite his reality and look back on previous objects he's collected throughout his story. Saga Anderson also goes to a similar location, known as her Mind Place.


Alan's Writer's Room is similar to the study in Bird Leg Cabin, albeit larger. In contrast to Saga's Mind Place, Alan's Writer's Room is dimly lit and barren aside from his desk, a map board, a chalkboard, a chair and TV, and a table with a radio.



Alan can find and use various maps to navigate The Dark Place. Encountering Sherriff Breaker an add further details to maps, such as Words of Power or valuable resources.

  • The Dark Place
  • Talk Show Studio
  • Subway
  • Ocean View Hotel
  • Poet's Cinema

Plot Board[]

Alan uses a chalkboard to conceptualize ideas on warping the world around him.

Initiation - Draft 1[]

  • Caldera Station
    • A liminal place, crossing the threshold
  • Collapsed Tunnel
    • Doorway to the Underworld
    • Key location! What happens here?
  • Derailed Train
    • Something terrifying happened here
  • End of the Line
    • Abandoned station. The Cult's madness is revealed here!
Plot Element table[]
Caldera Station Collapsed Tunnel Derailed Train End of the Line
Missing FBI Agent They caught him. The blood trail led to the darkness of the tunnel. This was where the agent's trail went cold. A ghost. The agent had come here, looking for the cult. For trouble. The agent witnessed the cult's depravity and ran.
Murder Cult N/A The ritual antechamber to the cult's place of dark power. The cult used fire to claim dominion over the tunnels. This is where the cult waited for the time to strike.
Torchbearers N/A Torchbearers revered this place before the cult. The way forward through the bowels of the burnt carcass. Torchbearers's secrets were not safe from the cult.
Summoning Ritual N/A Out of the depths, the Dark Presence comes. The way now open. The Dark Presence ruled the tunnels. The cult practiced their rituals.
  • In the "Missing FBI Agent" version of the Derailed Train scene, there is a broken handheld radio from which a female FBI agent can be heard. The agent's voice is that of Kiran Estevez.
Quote1 Agent... come in. Repeat. Come in. Do you copy? Caution advised. Can you hear me? Quote2
  • In the "Missing FBI Agent" version of the End of the Line scene, the agent can be heard cursing and running away.
Quote1 Oh fuck me, oh fuck me, this is the real thing. Oh shit, oh fucking Hemingway, oh shit... Quote2

Herald of Darkness[]

In the fourth section of the musical is a replica of the Writer's Room, complete with its own plot board which has a single scene and plot element unlocked from the start.

  • Musical
Plot Element table[]
Song's end The final chorus brings the song to it's climactic end.

Initiation - Draft 2[]

Plot Elements: Pre-Show Ritual | Haunted | The Devil | Climax

  • Entrance Hall
    • Anticipation before the event (unused)
    • Transports you to another reality (unused)
  • Ballroom
    • A place of celebration
    • But gone twisted & dark!
  • Rehearsal Room
    • Where it began
    • The start of the spiral
  • Final Scene
    • The end of the story
    • The murder site ?!?
    • What horror lies waiting there?
Plot Element table[]
Entrance Hall Rehearsal Room Ballroom Final Scene
Pre-Show Ritual Preparations were under way for the theater play. The actors played with fire. They opened the door for the real cult. The troupe prepared for their performance. Calm before the storm. In preparation of the horror show.
Haunted The real cult was there. They had taken over the play. The play was a ritual, waking up a dark sleeper. A dark ritual in a haunted hotel. To summon the star. The darkness emerged. Coming to focus.
The Devil The actor of the Devil had his own dressing room in the hotel. The actors, the witnesses and the victims, one and the same. The massacre was real. And the Devil did what the Devil does. The Devil led the way with darkness boiling in his skull.
Climax After the gruesome deed, it was time to clean up the mess. Time for applause. With the dark art done, another grim performance began. The awful finale. The site of a ritualistic murder.

Initiation - Draft 3[]

Plot Elements: The Cult of the Word | New York's Finest | Clip of the Lost Film | The Grandmaster

  • Lobby
    • Anticipation before the event
    • Transports you to another reality
  • Theater Hall
    • Where we watch it happen
    • The voyeurs of horror
    • The world projected
  • Out in the Night
    • The cult dumps their trash here?
Plot Element table[]
The Cult of the Word New York's Finest Clip of the Lost Film The Grandmaster
Lobby This was the cult's lair. They didn't bother to hide it. They had gathered behind the doors for their rite of initiation. The secret truths waited in the film "Nightless Night". The Grandmaster was expecting a visitor.
Theater Hall Reverently, the cult prepared for the viewing. Tempted with false promises, the cops were the ritual sacrifice. The light projected a teaser of dark secrets. The Grandmaster's dark invitation.
Out in the Night The cultists were driven by mad, fanatical belief. The cops had sold their souls. The film was made to be played in a place like this. He waited inside. His presence felt out in the night.


On entering the Writer's Room through the spiral door, the room will be automatically unlocked as a location for a scene, but an echo needs to be used to unlock the plot element.

  • The Writer's Room
Plot Element[]
  • Pay the Price
    • The dark horror ending. To save them all, the hero must pay the price.



This can be found in Initiation 9: Gone.

The End[]

Eternal Deerfest
The novel, "Return", come true. My final, divine work of art.
First granted to the people of Bright Falls. And over time, it would spread, this celebration reaching everyone.

Words of Power[]

Quote1 A phrase repeated over and over. The words resonated with meaning. Had I written this? Quote2
― Alan Wake

Words of Power are used to upgrade various pieces of Alan's equipment. Find and collect Words of Power, then return here to use them.

Words of Fix[]

  • Wellness Retreat: Increases maximum health by 15%/35%/50%.
  • God Rays: Increases max amount of health restored in Safe Heavens by 30%/37%/56%.
  • Wheels Within Wheels: Restores (50%/100%) of max health when a new Word of Power is discovered.

Words of Gun[]

  • Roulette: Provides (5%/10%/##%) chance to not consume ammo when firing the Revolver.
  • Personal Space: Increases knockback force of Alan's Shotgun by 15%/30%/50%.
  • Sunny Skies: Increases Flare Gun projectiles' area of effect by 25%/50%/100%.

Words of War[]

  • Full Stop: Increases damage dealt by the last bullet in the Revolver's chamber by (25%/##%/100%).
  • Paint the Town: Increases Double-Barreled Shotgun damage by (25%/50%/##%) when hitting multiple enemies with one shot.
  • Goes Around: Restores 15%/25%/35% of max health when landing a direct hit with the Flare Gun.

Words of Stuff[]

  • Tourist Map: Marks all nearby resources and points of interest on Wake's map.
  • Magic Pocket: Expands Alan's inventory by 1 row.
  • Battery: Adds one Charge to Alan's Flashlight.

Words of Aid[]

  • Torchbearer: Increases Hand Flare's area of effect by (13%/25%/##%) and duration by (1/2/#) seconds.
  • ER: Increases effectiveness of Trauma Pads by (##%/20%/30%).
  • Prescription: Increases effect duration of Painkillers by (1/#/#) second.

Words of Action[]

  • It's Personal: Increases damage dealt to enemies in close proximity by 10%/20%/30%.
  • Never There: Makes Alan 20%/35%/50% harder for enemies to detect.
  • Turning Tables: Decreases damage received from the Darkness Projectiles by (25%/##%/##%).

Words of Lamp[]

  • Main Attraction: Restores (50/75/100) health for each second when using Flashlight Boost on Hostile Shadows.
  • In the Headlights: Provides 10%/20%/35% chance to stun enemies on Flashlight Boost.
  • Lucky Strike: Provider 25%/50%/75% chance to regain a Flashlight Charge on killing an enemy.


This allows Alan to watch previous videos he's collected.

Writer's Journey[]

  1. The Dark Place
  2. Writing
  3. Murder Sites
  4. The Dark Presence
  5. Visions
  6. Drowning
  7. Stop Writing
  8. Initiation
  9. Spiral*

Yötön Yö (Nightless Night)[]

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
  6. Part 6
  7. Part 7
  8. Part 8

Alice's Documentary[]

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2-1
  3. Part 2-2
  4. Part 2-3
  5. Part 2-4
  6. Part 3-1
  7. Part 3-2

Night Springs[]

  1. Night Springs - Commercial
  2. Night Springs - Season Intro*


This allows Alan to listen to audio recordings.

Echoes - Draft One[]

The first Echo of Draft One is bugged and does not show up in-game. It is called "The Manuscript" and its transcript consists of Alex Casey's thoughts from the cutscene when Alan meets Casey in the alley and obtains the revolver and flashlight.

  1. The Manuscript
  2. FBI Agent
  3. Murder Cult
  4. Markings
  5. Torchbearers
  6. Summoning Ritual
  7. Something in the Air
  8. Bad Luck
  9. The Tree
  10. Alice Wake

Echoes - Draft Two[]

  1. Another Murder
  2. Pre-Show Ritual
  3. Haunted
  4. The Devil
  5. Room 666
  6. The Climax
  7. Dead Tired
  8. Quid Pro Quo

Echoes - Draft Three[]

  1. Thomas Zane
  2. The Cult of the Word
  3. Crooked Cops
  4. Nightless Night
  5. Clip of the Lost Film
  6. Down the Chute
  7. Death of a Cultist
  8. The Grandmaster
  9. Trapped

Echoes - Casey Billboards[]

Quote1 I had written books about Alex Casey for years. Something lingered here. A line from a half-forgotten story. Quote2
― Alan Wake
  1. Cold Case
  2. Hard Case
  3. Closed Case
  4. Final Case
  5. Murder Case
  6. Worst Case

Various Artists[]

  1. Ahti - Yötön Yö
  2. National Nightmare - Filth
  3. Dark, Twisted and Cruel
  4. Follow You Into the Dark
  5. Lost at Sea
  6. No One Left to Love
  7. Superhero
  8. Wide Awake
  9. Poe - This Road (The Mirror is a Trap)
  10. Poe - This Road (The Dark Chamber)
  11. Poe - This Road (Falling Apart)
  12. Poe - This Road (AW)
  13. Old Gods of Asgard - Herald of Darkness
  14. Poets of the Fall - The Happy Song

Old Gods of Asgard[]

  1. Take Control
  2. The Poet and the Muse
  3. Children of the Elder God
  4. Balance Slays the Demon
  5. Anger's Remorse
  6. Dark Ocean Summoning

*Only available in The Final Draft


  • The head of the owl hanging above the writing desk will follow Alan when he is not looking at it.