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Witchfinder's Station is a location found in the northwest of the Cauldron Lake area. This is one of several bases of operations for the FBC's parafictional research. The others are:


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Appearance Transcript
Witchfinder's Station - Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes
Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes

Witchfinder's Station........................................2
Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins..........................1

Witchfinder's Station - Nursery Rhymes Project Outline
'Nursery Rhymes' Project Outline

Researach into the reality-altering effects discovered in the Cauldron Lake area utilizing fiction and art as a source, and then manifesting the results into existence.
The FBC's intent in this research project is to experiment with nursery rhymes (hereinafter referred to as "Fiction") in an attempt to recreate the conditions under which the writing would become reality. The hypothesis is that there are two ways in which Fiction affects reality - either by reflecting events that have come to pass but that are not known to their later creator, whose act of creation therefore becomes the catalyst for these past events after which they serve as the source of their own inspiration, or by the Fiction itself being the initiating force in its present timeline, using the creator as a conduit.
In the experiment, we will create nursery rhyme texts with a specific function, and then use the depicted dolls and symbols as needed via a careful testing process with the purpose of the story told in the Fiction manifesting itself in real life. A variety of combinations involving the dolls, symbols, and rhymes will be tested in order to collect large amounts of data, with the hope that a pattern will appear. Methods will be adjusted in the testing based on our results.

Witchfinder's Station - Writings of the Day
Writings of the Day

Tip of the day:
When nature calls on a hike, check the direction of the wind before answering.
Hikers have broken off branches of some of the trees down by the lake to make an illegal fire. Tried to fix some of the damage - doused the area. Maybe put up more instructional signs?
I also found some tracks I couldn't recognize. Pretty big. A wolverine? Or footprints that were smeared? Either way, they were wandering around in strange patterns. Might be a sick animal - will need to keep an eye out.


Poem of the day:
The sun as she sleeps
Knows not the woes of men
Who toss and turn and worry and fret
And wish they had
Her blissful slumber
Picked up a bunch of trash left by tourists, despite posted guidance. Humans are the worst.


Thought of the day:
Every majestic pine was once just a wee acorn.
A lot of new growth in the area. Some of the saplings I planted earlier are really thriving. Must be all this rain - I don't mind it either. Great sounds to sleep to. It's amazing what a good night's rest and a warm cup of tea can do.

FBC Email Correspondence[]

Access using Administrator password: 2547 (found on a sticky note). These show messages between site researcher and project lead, Dr. Eugene Campbell and Dr. Marmont & Dr. Marmont at the Lake House.

Project 'Nursery Rhymes' (working title)
from: Dr. Eugene Campbell
to: Dr. Marmont, Dr. Marmont
12/12/2022 08:00 AM

I have received your favorable review of my project proposal, thank you. I need not remind you that my academic as well as recreational expertise in mythology, folklore and writing will indeed lend the needed credibility to the project, in both leading it and creating the testing material.

Dr. Eugene Campbell
Lead Researcher
Department of Parafictional Research

Experimentation update
from: Dr. Eugene Campbell
to: Dr. Marmont; Dr. Marmont
03/21/2023 10:10 PM

Dr. Marmont & Dr. Marmont,

Here is the promised update on the project's first experimentations.

The test items used were plastic animal figurines, teddy bears, toy cars, baby dolls. The iconographic nature of the test times was hypothesized to be beneficial for these research purposes.

Test results: negative.

I will continue testing with more advanced items and scenarios. No response from you is necessary.

Dr. Eugene Campbell
Lead Researcher
Department of Parafictional Research

Nursery Rhymes Case: Closed[]

Nursery Rhymes - Closed (Case Board)
After solving the initial 16 Nursery Rhymes, Saga can collect the Father Doll, and will be prompted to return to Witchfinder's Station. Completing the final Nursery Rhyme will trigger Dr. Eugene Campbell, project lead on 'Nursery Rhymes', to reach out to Saga over the radio. Interacting with the radio will trigger the following conversation:

Dr. Eugene Campbell: Hello? Can you hear me?
Saga: What the..?
Campbell: Hello? Are you receiving me? I'm talking to you, ma'am.
Saga: Who is this? How do you know I'm here?
Campbell: I have been monitoring your incessant tampering with my project.
Saga: What project?
Campbell: "What project"? So you've just been playing around with my test arrangements with absolutely no understanding of their function. The hubris!
Saga: Indeed.
Campbell: But your interference with my research has come to its conclusion. And I'm interested to see the results! The trick, I believe, is in the manifestation of the nursery rhymes. Art becoming reality. The doorway being revealed, and perhaps even... someone entering it.
Saga: Get to the point.
Campbell: The point is that, by your unwanted actions, you may have opened the way and now I will get to observe what exactly occurs when a subject crosses the threshold- No, wait, that's not right. What is that? Do you see-
Saga: What? Hello? Hey? Are you there? Sounds like this person got more than they bargained for.

After completing the conversation, a Dark Orb will appear. Burning away the Dark Orb reveals an additional charm slot for Saga's Charm Bracelet, and completes the Nursery Rhymes case.


  • Witchfinder's Station is the only named Ranger Cabin on the area maps.