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Witch's Ladle is a location in Alan Wake 2.



Witch's Ladle was an unusually large tree, and is considered one of the largest in Bright Falls to this day. It served as one of the attractions within Cauldron Lake Camping Grounds before the entire area was fenced off by the FBC.

Alan Wake 2[]

When missing FBI agent Robert Nightingale came back from the shores of Cauldron Lake, he entered the forest through a gap in the trunk of Witch's Ladle.

Later, when Saga Anderson investigated the area, she found out the tree was an entrence to an overlap. After performing a riitual, she entered the overlap through the same gap Nightingale went through and faced him inside.


  • Alan Wake Remastered features new signs which advertise Witch's Ladle.
    • Notebly a sign in Episode 6 which replaced a previous one that advartized Verizon in the original release.