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Quote1 Magic. Parlour Tricks. Smoke and Mirrors. But for some, magic is more than that. It's a way of working the secret machinery of reality itself, and more than one member of that eldritch brotherhood can be found in... Night Springs. Quote2
― Beginning Narration, Night Springs Narrator

What's In a Name is an episode of the in-game television series of Night Springs found in the Remastered version of Alan Wake only. It can be found in a small sitting room when escaping Cauldron Lake Lodge in Episode 4: The Truth.


An old man and his young apprentice are under a steel bridge, where the old man is scratching some letters into the wall with a screwdriver. A policeman arrives after receiving some complaints as he has been vandalizing the town, though the old man claims he is no vandal. The police officer asks what he is doing, when the apprentice states that the old man is writing his name on the town. The police officer asks for the man's name, to which the apprentice reveals it's "Night Springs", the name of the town, and is from now on. The old man disappears, and the apprentice goads the police officer to drive away, and remember which town he serves.

Ending Narration[]

Quote1 Ah yes. There are too many little towns to count, all of them with some little magic of their own. But some towns have more personality than others, and none more so than... Night Springs. Quote2
― Night Springs Narrator


  • This episode was initially cut from the original Alan Wake video game, but was re-added in Alan Wake Remastered in place of product placements that played on a television.