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Wendy Desole is a minor character appearing in Alan Wake. She is one of Doctor Emil Hartman's patients at the Cauldron Lake Lodge.


Wendy Desole is a middle aged caucasian woman with gray hair and blue eyes. She also has a large scar of her head. She wears a white summer dress with red flower prints and red shoes.


Wendy appears to be suffering from some kind of mental illness, which causes her to display an erratic behavior at seemingly random times, as shown when she, after being sitting idly, suddenly began to wave her hands while humming "The Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss II and Richard Wagner’s "Ride of the Valkyries", before returning to a quiet state shortly afterwards.[1]


Early Life[]

Wendy Desole was admitted at the Cauldron Lake Lodge in 2005 after she was found at the entrance of the lodge with a note on her dress that indicated her name. Her fees were paid by an unknown benefactor whose identity remains unknown.[2]

Bright Falls AWE[]

Wendy was present when Alan Wake was given a tour of the lodge by Emil Hartman, sitting idly on a bench on the reception before she erratically started to wave her hands and hum.[1] When the Dark Presence began taking over the lodge, the Anderson Brothers led all the remaining patients who were still in the building to safety, including Wendy.[3] After the Bright Falls AWE ended and Doctor Hartman's research was confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Control, she was placed on a bi-annual surveillance alongside Hartman's other surviving victims (with the exception of the Anderson Brothers on account of their age).[4]


  • It is possible she could be suffering from dementia.