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Quote1 Wendy is dead, Pat! Quote2
― Gil Davis, Alan Wake 2

Wendy Davis is a character mentioned in Alan Wake 2. She was a resident of Bright Falls, WA prior to her death.



Before 2010, Wendy Davis was employed as a kindergarten teacher at Bright Falls Kindergarten. In 2010, Wendy disappeared. According to Wendy's husband Gil, his wife was not at home when he returned from work. The following information is taken from Wendy's MISSING poster:

Quote1 Have you seen my wife, Wendy Davis? She's 29, has dark brown hair, hazel eyes (which could be mistaken for green) and is petite. She's a teacher at the local kindergarten and does a lot in the community. She leads the Deer Scouts and loves her garden (she's won 'Best Garden' three years in a row). If you see Wendy, then please approach her with caution. She hasn't been herself lately. Wendy's been spaced-out, missing work, muttering to herself and becoming very irritable. One day I came home from work and she just wasn't there anymore. It's been two weeks now and I don't know what to do. None of her stuff missing, and the last I saw of her, she was wearing a white nightgown before bed. Quote2
― Gil Davis

In 2018, Wendy Davis' lifeless body was discovered adrift in Cauldron Lake. Subsequently, Gil was apprehended by the Bright Falls Sheriff's Department on charges of murdering his wife. However, after a three-month trial, Gil Davis was acquitted of his wife's murder.

Alan Wake 2[]

By 2023, Wendy Davis would be the second of three murder victims found at Cauldron Lake, with Ted Lane and Percy Wolfe being the first and third respectively. The similar profiles would lead the FBI to send agents Saga Anderson and Alex Casey to investigate.

Around the same time, local radio host Pat Maine began promoting the show's sponsor, Davis Family Beef Jerky. Pat Maine regularly expressed gratitude to Wendy Davis for providing jerky samples and informed his listeners where they could purchase Wendy's jerky products. This promotion occurred despite some callers asserting that Wendy was no longer alive.

During the radio show episode titled "Gil's Weird Joke," a clearly agitated Gil Davis made a phone call to Pat Maine. In the call, Gil expressed his frustration with the promotion, and requested that Pat cease promoting Davis Family Beef Jerky, which Gil insisted wasn't a real company, as his family did not actually make beef jerky. Gil also asked Pat to refrain from making claims about his wife still being alive. Gil complains that he's receiving "crazy phone calls for jerky orders, day and night... Asking for insane flavors like 'hickory teriyaki', which clearly isn't a thing," and that the calls are only making it harder for his family to handle Wendy's death.


  • In October 2023, prior to the release of Alan Wake 2, Epic Games sent out "Welcome Packs" to influencers as part of an ARG. This included case files for the murder of Wendy Davis, as well as Ted Lane and Percy Wolfe.