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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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This is a page for weapons used in Alan Wake 2. For weapons used in Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare, see Weapons.

Weapons of Alan Wake 2 Overview[]

Both Saga Anderson and Alan Wake can find and use a variety of weapons during Alan Wake 2; however, unlike in previous games, inventory carries over between chapters, and Saga and Alan can upgrade attributes of each weapon.

Saga Anderson's Weapons[]

Saga starts Alan Wake 2 with only her FBI service pistol, but can find additional weapons during her chapters. Saga can upgrade her weapons using Manuscript Fragments, which are located inside Alex Casey Lunchboxes. There are not enough fragments to fully upgrade all weapons in a single playthrough.

Each time a weapon is upgraded, a short scene with Alan Wake narrating part of a manuscript page will play. These scenes are not replayable.


Standard issue FBI sidearm. Semi-automatic, with low recoil and moderate stopping power.

Saga Anderson starts the game with her FBI service Pistol.

  • Again and Again: Hold the fire button to activate auto-fire mode. This significantly increases the rate of fire.
    • 18 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 To Saga, with a heightened survival instinct kicking in- it seemed like she had just squeezed down the trigger of her pistol once as the Taken was coming closer and closer, but the gun kept firing again and again, faster than possible, like she was rapidly pulling the trigger. Quote2
  • More Bullets: Increases the magazine size by 50%.
    • 12 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga had lost count of how many shots she’d fired, but she was sure- it must have been more than she had in her magazine- and yet, she had not run out of ammo, as if the magazine had grown to fit more bullets. She fired again. Quote2
  • Another Headshot: Land two headshots in quick succession to stun an enemy for an extended duration.
    • 12 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga was sure she had hit the Taken in the head, but it had not even slowed the monster down. She took aim and fired again. Another headshot. This time, the Taken staggered. Quote2

Sawed-Off Shotgun[]

Break-action shotgun. Wide pellet spread makes it most effective at close range.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is found in the Cauldron Lake General Store where you need to grab Nightingale's Heart. After the Taken smashes through the wall, head into that backroom and find the shotgun in a locked display cabinet on the wall. Unlock with code 739.

  • Fluid Motion: Increase reload speed.
    • 16 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 In one fluid motion, Saga cracked open the shotgun- sending the empty hulls flying over her shoulder, and slammed the new shells in, faster than she had imagined possible. Quote2
  • Out of Action: Deals increased damage to enemies that are stunned, blinded, or knocked down.
    • 14 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 The Taken was momentarily out of action. But not for long. Saga raised the sawn-off shotgun to stop it, once and for all. Quote2
  • Ready for More: Kill an enemy to restore health. The amount of restored health depends on the strength of the enemy.
    • 18 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 The report of the shotgun rang in the air. The enemy fell. Saga felt a surge of new energy. She’d been dead tired before, but was ready for more now. She would get through this. She continued on. Quote2

Hunting Crossbow[]

Silent hunting weapon. Low recoil, bolts lodge into targets and deal high damage.

The Hunting Crossbow can be found outside the Hunting Shack Break Room, located in the Watery Woods on the way to Coffee World. The crossbow is inside a locked Cult Stash, and requires code 527.

  • Pull the String: Hold the fire button to draw the crossbow further for increased damage and a straighter arch.
    • 15 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga strained to pull the string of the crossbow back as far as she could. To her surprise, the latch adjusted to accommodate her. The next bolt would stop a monster. Quote2
  • Two Shots: Fires two bolts before needing to be reloaded.
    • 18 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga realized the crossbow could hold two shots at the same time. Had she just not noticed before, or had the weapon changed somehow, like in a dream? Quote2
  • Magnetic Pull: Bolts lodged into enemies will attract bullets fired near them.
    • 12 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga had hit the Taken with the crossbow. She switched to her gun and kept firing at it. The bullets hit home, following a strange trajectory, as if the bolt had carved a track in the air for them. A magnetic pull for them to follow. Quote2

Hunting Rifle[]

Bolt-action rifle. High accuracy and range, with strong stopping power.

The Hunting Rifle can be found in the Wellness Center, inside Vladimir Blum workshop, but the door will be missing its doorknob. To reach it, Saga first needs to reach the Security Room, access the computer with code 170823, and unlock the doors. Then, head to the Staff Lounge and behind Reception to find a box containing the doorknob underneath the reception desk. Head back to the Workshop, and the rifle will be in an unlocked cabinet inside.

  • Feedback Loop: Consecutive successful hits will significantly reduce the time between shots.
    • 12 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga fired the rifle. Hit the Taken again. Pulled back the bolt to reload. She fired again. Another hit. Faster. Again. Yet faster. Again. A strange, lethal feedback loop forming, speeding up. Quote2
  • Kill Shot: Stand still to enter an improved focus mode. This mode grants perfect accuracy, pulls shots towards enemy weak spots, and deals increased damage.
    • 15 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga stood still, emptying her mind, focusing. Breathing in. Breathing out. She aimed the rifle, ready for the kill shot. Quote2
  • Way Home: Bullets penetrate the enemy's Darkness Shield.
    • 18 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Aiming through the scope, Saga could see the flickering darkness that protected the Taken. Saw it waver and jerk. Saw a shifting opening in it. There! She fired, sending the bullet through to find its way home. Quote2

Pump-Action Shotgun[]

Semiautomatic shotgun. Good stability and capable of high sustained damage.

The Pump-Action Shotgun is inside Sheriff Tim Breaker's Office, inside a locked display case. To unlock the case, use code 723.

  • Stay on Course: Stand still and aim steadily at a target to drastically reduce kickback and minimize pellet spread for increased damage.
    • 16 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 The Taken rushed toward her, but Saga remained where she was, unmoving. She willed the pellets to stay on course, to hit the target. The Taken was closer. She waited. Closer. Still she waited. Until the very last moment. Quote2
  • Under Control: Move faster while aiming.
    • 12 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga gripped the pump-action shotgun, aiming down the barrel. It fit in her hands perfectly. It felt steady, she had it under control. She swung around, ready. Quote2
  • Faster and Faster: Hold the fire button to activate auto-fire mode. This significantly increase the rate of fire.
    • 20 Manuscript Fragments
Quote1 Saga squeezed the trigger of the pump-action shotgun. The shots poured out, faster and faster in a growing frenzy. Quote2

Alan Wake's Weapons[]

Alan's weapons and weapon upgrades function differently from Saga's. Alan has access to different weapons than Saga, and his are upgraded by finding Words of Power, and then spending points in the Writer's Room. Also, unlike for Saga, Alan's Flashlight combat abilities can be upgraded as well.


The detective's flashlight, taken from Alex Casey.

The Flashlight and Revolver are required to continue the story and are unmissable. After Alan finishes the phone conversation, head to the alley at the northwest edge of the map. After the cutscene plays out, both can be collected from the ground.

  • Words of Stuff
    • Battery: Adds one Charge to Alan's Flashlight.
  • Words of Lamp
    • Main Attraction: Restores (50/75/##) health for each second when using Flashlight Boost on Hostile Shadows.
    • In the Headlights: Provides 10%/20%/35% chance to stun enemies on Flashlight Boost.
    • Lucky Strike: Provider 25%/50%/75% chance to regain a Flashlight Charge on killing an enemy.


Six-shot pistol. Strong recoil and high stopping power.

The Flashlight and Revolver are required to continue the story and are unmissable. After Alan finishes the phone conversation, head to the alley at the northwest edge of the map. After the cutscene plays out, both can be collected from the ground.

  • Words of Gun
    • Roulette: Provides (5%/10%/##%) chance to not consume ammo when firing the Revolver.
  • Words of War
    • Full Stop: Increases damage dealt by the last bullet in the Revolver's chamber by (25%/##%/100%).

Flare Gun[]

Single-shot weapon. Fires a brightly burning flare that detonates on impact.

While playing through "The Story of the Journey of Alan Wake The Musical," the Flare Gun can be collected during Part 3: Bright Falls shortly before hostile enemies appear. It will remain part of Alan's arsenal for the rest of the game.

  • Words of Gun
    • Personal Space: Increases knockback force of Alan's Shotgun by 15%/30%/50%.
  • Words of War
    • Paint the Town: Increases Double-Barreled Shotgun damage by (25%/50%/##%) when hitting multiple enemies with one shot.

Double-Barreled Shotgun[]

Break-action shotgun. Rapidly fires two single-shots with tight pellet spread.

Continue crossing the rooftops until Alan reaches the Oceanview Hotel rooftop entrance. Go to the rooftop bar opposite the entrance, where there is a Light Shift. Use a Light Shift to enter the bar, then Light Shift to make the Double-Barrel Shotgun appear.

  • Words of Gun
    • Sunny Skies: Increases Flare Gun projectiles' area of effect by 25%/50%/100%.
  • Words of War
    • Goes Around: Restores 15%/25%/35% of max health when landing a direct hit with the Flare Gun.


In addition to firearms, Saga and Alan can find a variety of throwable weapons. These are single-use, but multiple can be found during a playthrough.

Hand Flare[]

Gear - Hand Flare

Throwable flare. Emits intense light for a long duration, can be held in hand or thrown.


Gear - Flashbang

Throwable grenade. Emits intense burst of light, inflicting heavy damage and stunning anything nearby.

Rocket Flare[]

Gear - Rocket Flare

Single-shot flare. Inflicts heavy damage in a large area on impact.

Propane Tank[]

Gear - Propane Tank

Throwable gas canister. Detonates when shot, inflicting heavy damage to anything nearby.


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Gear - Weapons Icons[]

Gear - Pistol Gear - Sawed-Off Shotgun Item - Flashlight
Gear - Revolver Gear - Hunting Crossbow Gear - Hunting Rifle
Gear - Flare Gun Gear - Pump-Action Shotgun Gear - Double-Barreled Shotgun