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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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A large number and variety of weapons have been used in Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. This article serves as a catalog of weapon types. For weapons used in Alan Wake 2, please visit Weapons (Alan Wake 2) instead.

Alan Wake (Game)[]

Alan Wake found most weapons scattered all over the town of Bright Falls.

  • Revolver
    • Given to Alan by the bright light in his dream. (Episode 1: Nightmare)
    • Found in the trailer office that was pushed over a cliff by a large tractor. (Episode 1: Nightmare)
  • Shotgun
    • Found in the shed next to the generator that powers the crane which moves the logs, on a shelf. (Episode 1: Nightmare)
    • Found in the security hut that opens the gates to the Carl Stucky boss fight. (Episode 1: Nightmare)
  • Flare gun
    • Found in a chest after you escape from the building destroyed by the tractor (Episode 1: Nightmare)


Taken utilize various improvised weaponry in their pursuit of Wake, usually in accordance with their Human occupations. Carl Stucky, for example, wielded an axe likely obtained at the lumberyard where Alan first saw him.

  • Throwing knives and axes (possibly tomahawks or firemen's axes)
  • Chainsaws used by a few Taken
  • Axes and sickles, sometimes dual-wielded
  • Large branches


These are other objects lying around which cannot be used, but serve as hazards:

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

This standalone adventure added a significant number of new weapons among the ones featured in Alan Wake apart from the original shotgun, in American Nightmare there are only 2 types of ammo, that for small weapons such as pistols, and that for secondary weapons.

  • 9mm Pistol
    • Found on the ground just after beginning the game.
  • Submachine gun
    • First found in a weapon case upon arriving at the Motel. Requires 3 Manuscript Pages.
  • Assault rifle
    • Found just before the powerhouse at the Drive-in Theater. Requires 20 Manuscript Pages.
  • Carbine rifle
    • First found in the back of a truck just out the front of the Observatory door.
  • Nailgun
    • First found in the garage that Emma Sloan is in, on the metal rack.
  • Magnum
    • Found in a weapon case near the motel. Requires 10 Manuscript Pages.
  • Sawed-off shotgun
    • Found in a weapon case at the drive-in. Requires 30 Manuscript Pages.
  • Combat shotgun
    • Found in a weapon case at the back of the Observatory. Requires 40 Manuscript Pages.
  • Crossbow
    • Found hooked to a tree in the Drive-in area.

Bright Falls (Mini-series)[]

Sam Smith[]

Sam Smith owned a lot of guns, he kept them in the office of the Mountain Air Motel.

  • Revolver
    • Seen on the wall in his Mountain Air motel office (Time Flies)
  • Hunting Rifle
    • Seen on the wall in his Mountain Air motel office (Time Flies)
  • Shotgun
    • Seen on his desk in the Mountain Air motel (Lights Out)

Other Weapons[]

Natural or constructed weapons[]

  • Rocks thrown by Shel Dyke to hit street lights (Lights Out)
  • Trees and other objects used by Dark Presence to block paths.


  • The batteries in the game were Energizer batteries, but in The Signal, they're a different brand.
  • Several advertising ploys are used; for example, the first torch is an Energizer make, and collecting lithium batteries (the variety that Energizer only sells) allows for more refills.