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Watery is a town in the state of Washington, located a few miles southwest from Bright Falls.


Watery rivals the nearby town of Bright Falls for its spectacular views and friendly locals. their annual festival, Moosefest exists in competition with Bright Fall's Deerfest.

Recently the FBC became aware that an AWE occurred in the town, causing all residents to vanish without a trace, Similar to the Ordinary AWE (AWE-24).



  • A symbol marking several buildings in Watery has been reported by the FBC recognizant team that first entered the town after the AWE. It is described as two overlapping circles with a point inside the shared space. This description fits with one of the symbols of one of the locked doors in the Oceanview Motel.
  • By the end of the events of Control, Jesse Faden finds a postcard from Watery. It depicts Athi in his vacation cabin.