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Quote1.png Like a real bad follow-up to a real good movie... where the best friend's suddenly the bad guy... who wrote this crap anyway...? Quote2.png
― Walt to Alan, Episode 4: The Truth

Walter Snyder is a character who appears in Alan Wake and is the caretaker of the Anderson Farm.

Events of Alan Wake

Walter, just minutes before death

Walter first appears as a prisoner in Bright Falls jail in Episode 2: Taken, drunk on moonshine. He begs to Alan Wake to turn the lights on and admits that he's in jail for beating someone up. His next appearance is in Episode 3: Random when he goes on a tangent on an argument he had with his friend, Danny and his worries about it. He then again appears on the Anderson Farm in Episode 4: The Truth, having gone back to get more moonshine, but is attacked by his now Taken friend Danny. He is attacked and is found bleeding on the floor, dying shortly after he's finished talking with Wake.

He appears once more in The Writer in Alan's mind when Alan runs around a giant wheel and Walt is begging for the lights to be turned on.


  • An extra piece of dialogue as well as a manuscript confirms that Walt had beaten up Danny before getting arrested, having recognized that it wasn't really Danny anymore.
  • The manuscript also implies that his heavy drinking was an attempt to forget about Danny being Taken.
  • He tried to get his life together and quit drinking until Danny killed him.
  • If you turn the lights back off he will start to yell at you and say "You're with the space aliens aren't you, well you won't get me!"