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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 I am Mr. Blum. You call me Vladimir! Quote2
― Vladimir Blum to Saga Anderson

Vladimir Blum is a character who appears in Alan Wake 2. He works for the Valhalla Nursing Home.

Like others involved with the events around Cauldron Lake, Blum's background may be influenced by the writings of Alan Wake.



Vladimir was born in Russia. He eventually moved to the town of Bright Falls, Washington, where he worked at the Valhalla Nursing Home looking after the older residents of Bright Falls and Watery, though his diary indicates he wasn't overly fond of his job. Many of the residents would repeatedly mess with him, playing pranks and/or stealing his items. For instance, Ahti would often steal Blum's janitor clothes to wear for himself, while Norman MacDonald removed the handle to the door of Blum's maintenance room in the Wellness Center and hid it, using a riddle to tell Blum where to find it.

In a note to his coworker Rose Marigold, Blum confided that he believed the residents hated him.

Vladimir eventually became involved with the Cult of the Tree on August 15, 2023, when he received an acceptance letter from the Koskela Brothers.

Alan Wake 2[]

Blum first appears in the prologue of the game, though he is not identified as such; he is dressed in full cultist regalia and appears to the Taken Robert Nightingale as a monstrous, shadowy figure with a distorted voice. He is the first cultist to encounter Nightingale,[1] and runs away to inform the rest of the group, which includes the Koskelas (also unidentified). They quickly track down Nightingale, tie him down to a table behind the Cauldron Lake General Store, and begin the ritual to kill the Taken, but are interrupted by Tammy and Ed Booker, forcing them to flee.[2]

Saga Anderson first meets Blum standing next to the Valhalla Nursing Home bus outside Suomi Hall in Watery, where he is taking some of the old residents on a day trip. Due to the story affecting the world around Saga, Blum acts like he's known Saga for many years.[3]

On the night of September 14, 2023,[4] Blum was killed during the Dark Presence's attack on the Valhalla Nursing Home. He was found by Saga in the basement of the nursing home with a knife stabbed into his eye. The circumstances around his death are left unspecified; Ahti is the only person who acknowledges his absence, saying that Blum has "kicked empty."




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