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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Vision 03 is the third and last of three "vision" videos that can be accessed by scanning the QR codes found in Alan Wake: Remastered.


[Alan Wake is sitting in a dark room, using with his typewriter. Sequences of a flashlight illuminating a dark, watery area are superimposed on the screen]

Alan Wake: A beginning. A primordial forest. The colors of the fall. The mist. A caldera lake. Silence echoes. Loud. It’s too late to hear the words.

[The image of a pale arm covered by leafs briefly flashes over the screen]

Alan Wake: The man, naked. Crawls to the shore. Like a birth. To say that would be a lie. Nothing like a birth. The opposite. He staggers to his feet.

[Images of a deer head and antlers are superimposed on the screen]

Alan Wake: A carcass of a deer lies on the shore. Rotting. Amidst driftwood. The man is afraid. Beside himself. Who is he? He doesn’t himself know. Dark waves have washed it away. A blank page where this horror story will be written. He remembers darkness. Feels the shadow pressing down on him. Coming after him. He must get away. He runs to the forest. To a fate worse than death.

QR Code Location[]

The QR code leading to this video can be found on a wall in the sitting area of the upper mezzanine level of the Cauldron Lake Lodge.


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