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The Valhalla Nursing Home is a location in Alan Wake 2.



The Valhalla Nursing Home was built in 1965 by an unknown architect for renowned Finnish filmmaker Thomas Zane and his partner Barbara Jagger, with the intention of it becoming the home for an artist's commune. However, in 1970, Barbara Jagger drowned in Cauldron Lake and Thomas Zane went down with Diver's Isle after the caldera erupted.

In 2014, Barry Wheeler purchased the building and it had remodeled into a care home for Tor and Odin Anderson of the the rock band Old Gods of Asgard after the completion of their farewell tour. Barry left Bright Falls before the remodeling was complete, after which the contractors abandoned their work and fled with the money. This caused the roof work to not be completed and would leak when it rained. After its opening, Oh Deer Diner waitress Rose Marigold and Russian immigrant Vladimir Blum became employees of the facility.

More elderly residents were moved into the home over the years, including Pat Maine and Cynthia Weaver. After 2019, an interdimensional being named Ahti, appearing as an aged Finnish man, became a resident and janitor of the facility as well.




In 2023, the Valhalla Nursing Home consists of the manor, the wellness center, and a fenced garden area with two gazebos and a central pond.

The manor is home to residents and has three floors and a basement. The 1st floor has Rose's office, a rec room, lounge, main hall, drawing room, dining room, and stage. The 2nd floor is home to Pat Maine, Donna, Tor, and Odin, as well as a lounge, a trophy room, and the Old Gods of Asgard Museum. The 3rd floor is home to Ahti, Mandy-May, Norman, Gail, and Cynthia Weaver, as well as a door marked with a spiral symbol. The basement houses the laundry room, the boiler room, a workspace, and storage.

The Wellness Center is a nearby one-floor building for patients to receive medical attention. The medical-centric areas of the facility include a ward reception area, examination rooms, patient rooms, a dispensary, and a spacious rehabilitation room. Additionally, there is a staff lounge, a security room, a workshop, an office, a kitchen, a dining hall, and several restrooms.

Alan Wake 2[]

Return 3: Local Girl[]

During Saga's initial visit to Watery, she crossed paths with employees and several nursing home residents. Vladimir is near the bus, while inside Suomi Hall, Rose, Mandy-May, and Donna gather to watch Ahti singing on stage. Nearby, Norman can be found outside of the sauna. Lastly, Saga encounters Tor and Odin, drinking moonshine at the trailer park.

Return 5: Old Gods[]

After being dismissed by the FBC, Saga ventured to the Valhalla Nursing Home to visit the Andersons. By the time she arrived, The Dark Presence had already claimed several lives. Both Cynthia Weaver and Gail had been turned into Taken. Vladimir was killed, with his lifeless body left in the basement. Tor had been moved to the wellness center, having fallen under Cynthia's control, while Odin was left immobilized and confined to his bed.

The other residents were throughout the manor, with Rose, Ahti, Norman, and Mandy-May occupying the first floor. Pat Maine recorded his radio show in his room while Donna exercised in hers. Should Saga attempt to open the door marked with a spiral symbol, Ahti will appear behind her, warning "Getting in is forbidden, for your own safety," before moving to his bed.

As Saga's exploration continued, the threat of the Taken continued to grow. Cynthia dragged Tor into an Overlap within the pond, with Rose protesting from the water's edge. To help combat the Dark Presence, Rose would provide Saga with her keyfob, while Ahti would advise Saga on how to restore power. Meanwhile, the remaining residents, Pat, Norman, Mandy-May, and Donna, had relocated to a well-illuminated rally point on the porch.

After Saga entered the Overlap, defeated Cynthia, and rescued Tor, the immediate area was restored. The pond's water receded, and most residents returned to what they were doing before.

Return 8: Deerfests[]

Upon his return to The Dark Place, Alan would recognize the round windows of the Writer's Room in a photo of the Valhalla Nursing Home on the back cover of Return. Glimpses of Alice would first guide Alan to the wellness center, only to be interrupted by Scratch. In his attempt to escape from Scratch, Rose would emerge as Alan's savior, providing a safe haven within the well-illuminated manor. Upstairs, Ahti would unlock the door marked with a spiral symbol, granting Alan access to the Writer's Room. Alan would enter to continue his writing and bring this story to a conclusion.


First Floor: Hallway[]

The following is a dedication plaque found in the main hallway.

Appearance Transcript
Valhalla Nursing Home - Dedication Plaque
Dedication Plaque
The Valhalla Nursing Home was established in 2014 by the Old Gods Foundation. Originally built in 1965 by an unknown architect for the Finnish filmmaker Thomas Zane, this manor is steeped in artistic history.

I met Odin and Tor Anderson in 2012, in a strange trip that resulted in strange new friendships. I was honored to manage their band as they made their comeback, touring the country and producing revolutionary new music. However, all good things must come to an end.
Valhalla is a place of rest. In that spirit, I hope this building will serve as a place where people can spend their golden years in peace and comfort. May it be a home to those who need one.
Welcome to Valhalla.
Barry Wheeler

First Floor: Rose's Office[]

The following are found displayed on shelves, alongside photos and Alan Wake memorabilia.

Appearance Transcript
Valhalla Nursing Home - Rose's Shrine
Rose's Shrine to Alan Wake

Alan Wake's crime novels have become the sensation of the nation! Join us as we flip through the pages of the man behind the books!
FOLKS MAGAZINE: How has your life changed since your books became so popular?
ALAN WAKE: I have to do a lot more magazine interviews. Other than that, it's not so different. 
FM: You are hilarious! I can see why you're a writer. So what do you do to get your creative juices flowing?
ALAN: Writing is a very solitary journey. When I'm working I like to be alone in a room with my manuscript. There I can wrestle with the story, get inside the heads of my characters.
FM: Sounds exhausting! And yet you find plenty of energy to party, right? Word on the street is you've been out enjoying the New York nightlife. Any favorite spots? 
ALAN: I'd prefer if we could focus on my writing.
FM: Definitely! Although I'm sure our readers would love to know where they can find New York's hottest writer on a Saturday night. Are you working on a new book?
ALAN: Yes. On some level, I'm always working on the next story. Right now I'm looking into something different. A departure from what people would expect. Something new. 
ALAN: Yes. On some level, I'm always working on the next story. Right now I'm looking into something different. A departure from what people would expect. Something new.
FM: Be careful with that! People don't always like new! So what role does the beautiful Alice Wake play in your work? Is she your muse?
ALAN: Alice keeps me stable. She's an anchor, stopping the waves from carrying me too far out to sea.

I was wondering if you could help me

[longing internally]
Will serve you pancakes
You were my muse ALL ALONG ROSE
Naughty Alan
Be my light in the darkness, Rose


Bestselling Author Sets a Feisty New Tone for Writers
Alan Wake is an author best known for his Alex Casey books, a series of thrilling novels that reinvigorated the crime genre. But Wake isn't just known for his literary works. He's also famous among New York's most exclusive clubs as a late-night party animal. This author is redefining what it means to be a writer. Gone are the days of isolated figures hunching over typewriters in dark rooms. Wake is a man who hits the town in style, a regular at the hottest hits the town in style, a regular at the hottest spots in the city, happy to see and be seen. The people (and the paparazzi) can't get enough of him!
But it's not just his social calendar that makes this writer stand out from his peers. Artists are famous for their tempers, but Wake's is in a completely different orbit. Damaging property, giving photographers black eyes, avoiding lawsuits, this writer is a train full of rage and you better get off the tracks! Like a punk rocker, Wake is grabbing musty old stereotypes and smashing them to pieces. This is one rebel to keep an eye out for!


Mystery Writer Mysteriously Disappears
The bestselling author known for his Alex Casey novels has been reported missing in the town of Bright Falls, Washington. Mr. Wake's wife Alice Wake has not given any comments on the case but is confirmed to have been the one to report her husband's disappearance to the authorities. 
The mysteries surrounding the novelist's disappearance don't stop there. Other individuals from the town were reported missing within a similar timeframe. It is unclear whether these disappearances are connected. Wake's literary agent Barry Wheeler has indicated he has no information to provide, despite having been seen with Mr. Wake in Bright Falls just before the author's disappearance.
The writer Alan Wake has a history of violence toward the press and is rumored to have struggled with addiction. The story will be updated as it unfolds.

Second Floor: Old Gods of Asgard Museum[]

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Appearance Transcript
Valhalla Nursing Home - OGoA Museum
Old Gods of Asgard Hall of Fame

Crowds Go Wild for The Old Gods of Asgard Ragnarok Tour
The rock 'n roll group Old Gods of Asgard are leaving chaos in their wake as they plow through the major U.S. cities on their aptly named Ragnarok tour. The band is breaking their sales records, with singles topping the charts, and had their latest sold-out concert in Long Beach, California.
The fans showed their love for the reckless rockers by showering the stage with lacy unmentionables, black roses, and even full beer bottles. None of this fazed the stars themselves who embraced the admiration and transitioned from song to song with such gusto that the audience was left catching their breath, eager to keep up with the brothers Anderson and their cohorts.
After-hours shenanigans for the musicians included a pool in a private residential neighborhood left to be emptied and sanitized and a hotel room nearly destroyed in a classical fashion, not to mention the lengthy room service bill gone unpaid.
All things point to this band quickly becoming a strong contender to the iconic hall of fame rock groups that came before them. Old Gods of Asgard party like their namesakes and give a performance like no other. Be sure to catch them on their tour and bear witness to rock history in the making!


I sit down with the Anderson Brothers of Old Gods of Asgard fame in the lobby of a rundown hotel somewhere in downtown Detroit. Currently on their Ragnarok hit tour, the busy band members have only a moment to spare to a fledgling journalist and his questions before running off to the soundcheck for their concert tonight.
Q: How has the reception been?
Tor: Amazing. The fans understand what we're about. They get rock 'n roll, they get the spirit. They know we're not here to (censored) around.
Odin: That's (censored) right!
Q: Why do you do what you do?
Tor: (Raucous laughter) I can tell you're new at this, buddy. Why does anyone do what they do? For the glory and the fame? For the money and the sex? Or because you have something inside you that is going to (censored) burst out if you don't start using it?
Odin: It's the latter.
Q: That's a good answer. How about music then, what is it about music that compels you?
Tor: That should be pretty (censored) obvious. This is boring me to death, bro, let's get moving.
Odin: Sorry, he's always impatient.
As they stand up to leave for the tour bus waiting outside, the larger than life rockers turn around for one final quote.
Tor: Music, especially rock 'n roll, is the ancient language of the soul, man. It's in me. It's godly. And it'll come out like a (censored) thunderstorm!


The legendary heavy rock band Old Gods of Asgard mourns the loss of their divinely talented guitarist Bob Balder. "Fat" Bob, as he was affectionately and ironically called, died from complications of a severe illness. Leaving his bandmates Odin and Tor Anderson behind, the peace-loving musician will be sorely missed, also by the band's numerous fans.
When asked about his loss, Tor Anderson had this to say. "Get the (expletive) out of my face. Balder is in Valhalla now, he fought cancer like a hero."
"Bob was too beautiful a soul for this world," added Odin.
What this means for the band and their upcoming album remains to be seen.

Second Floor: Odin's Room[]

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Appearance Transcript
Alan Wake 2 -Odin's writing - The Sea of Night
Odin's Writings

To drink from the cup of the wise one
For Wisdom to be a seer
I gave up my eye
In the light of the moon to shine and see
The many worlds to madness and beyond
Across the dark dreaming sea
The branching paths of the tree
I gave up my eye so many times
We have lived and died and been reborn
We have met here before
And will keep on meeting still


Before time - I gave it to Mimir to drink from the well of wisdom (the cauldron)
1976 - I took it out myself to see - drank the moonshine[1]
1988 - he who stands on the threshold took it from me[2]
The time will come again, to be writ again


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Appearance Transcript
Valhalla Nursing Home - Note on Fuses
Note on Fuses
Rose spare fuses now locked away because someone (Ahti!!!!) Keeps stealing them.

Code is in the laundry room.

Alan Wake 2 - Newspaper clipping of Thomas Zane purchasing the manor home
House of Zane Article

Thomas Zane (born Thomas Seine in Finland) and his partner Barbara Jagger (born Baba Jakala in Finland) have recently established an artist commune here in Bright Falls. Mr. Zane has purchased the old manor house outside town and the couple has already settled in.
In his home country, and internationally as well, Mr. Zane is a well-known and respected auteur film maker, a rising star already compared to the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman. His earlier film "Nightless Night" won a number of European film awards.
Mr. Zane is currently in the process of filming a feature entitled "Tom the Poet." In conversation, Mr. Zane comes across as a charismatic figure with big dreams. He talks about building a hotel and a film studio in the area.
 He even has a name picked out for the hotel: "Oceanview Hotel". This reporter believes the name has a nice ring to it. Mr. Zane's dreams would certainly make Bright Falls a household name if they became reality. Members of the commune clearly feel the same, seeing Zane as a person worth revering, even to a faintly cult-like degree, a person who guides his flock to expand their consciousness and reach a higher state of artistic inspiration with the aid of "magic" mushrooms. While the Bright Falls Record does not condone the use of illegal drugs, we hope Mr. Zane will help put our town on the artistic map.

Nursing Home Overlap[]

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Appearance Transcript
Alan Wake 2 - Bright Falls Record newpaper article on Norah Hesberg
Overlap News Article

The local girl Norah Hesberg, age 15, who went missing on Saturday of last week was discovered dead in the sealed underground bunker near Valhalla Nursing Home in Bright Falls. Cause of death has been determined to be drowning.
The incident occurred during a gathering of local youths at the bunker. Norah was first reported missing by her parents Sunday morning, when they discovered their daughter had not returned home the night before. The police were contacted and they received a tip to check the bunker from one of the victim's acquaintances. Police are treating the tragedy as an accident.
The community mourns the loss of its young member.

Alex Casey Lunchboxes Case: Closed[]

Alex Casey Lunch Boxes - Closed (Case Board)
After convincing Rose that she is "the hero" Saga will get confirmation that Rose hid the Alex Casey Lunchboxes, completing the case.


  • Both instances of Odin "losing an eye" appear on manuscript pages
  • The Valhalla Nursing Home is a location in the game that subtly displays the conflict in narrative between reality and the changes wrought by Alan’s manuscripts.
    • While the plaque in the entry hall states the building was built in 1965 for Finnish filmmaker Thomas Zane, there are a number of indicators the building is far, far older.
    • The date "1887" is lettered on the roofline above the main entrance, which would be consistent with the manor's Victorian style. Date marks like this often note a building of historical value.
    • The brickwork in the basement is consistent with a coal-fired heating system - unlikely for a structure built in the 60's.
    • A newspaper clipping in the basement indicates Thomas Zane had purchased "the old manor house outside town", which means the building existed well before his and Barbara's arrival in Bright Falls.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Barry Wheeler already had similarities to Emil Hartman, such as being the assistant to Alan Wake like Hartman was to Thomas Zane. Hartman opened the Cauldron Lake Lodge to house the troubled artists in Bright Falls, including the Anderson Brothers, similar to Barry. However, Barry opened the home out of pure altruism, whereas Hartman built it to use the artists under his control to shape the world in his image via the power of Cauldron Lake.


Newspaper Clippings[]

Tor's Newspaper Clippings[]

Rose's Shrine[]


  1. Departure (manuscript), "The Anderson Brothers in the 70s"
  2. Return (manuscript), "Odin Loses An Eye"