Alan Wake Wiki

My name is Charlie and I am an administrator for Alan Wake Wiki.

I became interested in Alan Wake late March/early April 2010. I remember watching a demo from one of the episodes of the game from my magazine I get: "Xbox World 360" and I instantly became hooked. I own the Collectors Edition copy (on both Xbox 360 and PC) as well as the remastered version. I even managed to get a hold of a bonus Alan Wake Remastered package that came with a torch, a thermos and a Bright Falls map.


I've been an administrator on this Wikipedia for over a decade now and I always love finding out new things for Alan Wake. I was given the job after I was found to be extremely active around the Wiki near the time of Alan Wake's initial release and have tried to be faithful to my job since.

Please note: I DO NOT just give out Admin rights point blank. I very rarely do give out rights since people come and go most of the time.

To be an admin, you need to be very faithful to the Wiki, registered and help out a lot. If I see a lot of effort put in, then I will consider administrator rights or moderator rights. The fact of the matter is too, there's a lot a user can do without admin rights. The only things you can't do is rename pages, delete pages and use admin tools, like banning people.

So please do not just "Ask" because you love Alan Wake. Thank you :)