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Under a Thin Layer of Skin is an achievement/trophy in Alan Wake. It is a story achievement and so it cannot be missed.



  • "Defy the park ranger".


  • "You disobeyed the park ranger's instructions".


In the Elderwood National Park's Visitor Center, after Rusty becomes a Taken, you will have to fight him. He is a tele-flanker, so it is best to get into a corner and keep boosting the flashlight on him when it is possible, and don't be afraid to use your batteries. Once he loses his shroud and speed ability, just unload your gun into him and he should quickly die. If you are having any ammo or battery issues, there is a large stash in the area. Alternatively, you can wait until he attacks and shine your light on him then, effectively lessening his shroud, then defeating him is a simple matter.