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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The words as seen in Departure

Typewriter Words are floating words that are made of shadows. They are created through the supernatural abilities of Cauldron Lake. They appear a few times throughout the game, but appear quite frequently throughout the DLC's


Near the end of Departure and throughout The Signal and The Writer, words will appear around Alan. When Alan shines his flashlight on them, they will burn away just like the darkness on the Taken. Once a word has been fully burned away, it will appear as a solid form of what the object is, for example, if Alan burned away the word "Wall", a brick wall will appear. However, sometimes words can help Alan out. In the Signal, Alan can burn away the word "Climb" and a ladder will appear. The words damage Alan if he touches them, but they do not attack.

List of Words[]

  • Barrel - Causes a barrel to appear.
  • Bestseller - Causes a cardboard cutout of Alan Wake to appear.
  • Bird - Causes a bird to appear (non-hostile)
  • Bird Leg Cabin - Causes the once destroyed Bird Leg Cabin to appear.
  • Boat - Causes a boat to appear
  • Boom! - Causes an explosion that can destroy Taken and harm yourself if too close.
  • Bridge - Causes any type of bridge to appear, whether it's just a log, or train carts, or even a normal bridge.
  • Cabin - Causes a cabin to appear.
  • Clicker - Causes the clicker to appear.
  • Climb - Causes a ladder to appear which Alan can climb.
  • Crate - Causes a crate to appear.
  • Enemy - Causes a Taken to appear.
  • Fireworks - Causes a firework to appear and explode. Any Taken that walks underneath will quickly lose its darkness shield. May also cause flares to appear.
  • Flare - Causes a hand flare to appear which can be used.
  • Flare gun - Causes a flare gun and ammo to appear, which can be used as a weapon.
  • Flash - Causes a flashbang to appear, which can be used.
  • Flashlight - Causes a better flashlight to appear.
  • Friend - Causes an imaginary Barry Wheeler to appear.
  • Hunt - Causes a hunting rifle to appear.
  • Key - Causes an imaginary Sheriff Sarah Breaker to unlock the door.
  • Memory - Causes a memory to appear that recalls on what happened previously to Alan.
  • Path - Creates a pathway that can be moved through.
  • Phone - Causes a ringing telephone to appear, and when answered, Alan's voice is heard, giving himself clues.
  • Possessed - Causes a poltergeist object to appear.
  • Pump - Causes a pump-action shotgun to appear.
  • Ravens - Causes hostile Ravens to appear.
  • Recharge - Causes a box of batteries to appear, which can be used for your flashlight.
  • Red Box - Causes a red box of items to appear.
  • Rock - Causes a rock to appear
  • Scream - Causes a black mass to appear and once burned away, Alice's scream is heard. This is the only word which comes from a page, but the word disappears after.
  • Shoebox - Causes a shoebox to appear, supposedly with Thomas Zane books.
  • Shopping Cart - Causes a shopping cart/trolley to appear.
  • Surprise - Causes a small shack to break open with a poltergeist object flying out.
  • Telephone Pole - Causes a telephone pole to appear.
  • Thermos - Causes a Coffee Thermos to appear that adds to the collection.
  • Tools - Causes ammo and weapons to appear.
  • Tremor - Causes a tremor like an earthquake.
  • Wall - Causes a brick wall to appear.
  • Wheels - Causes a drivable vehicle to appear.

Inaccessible Words[]

In the area where you use the words to make your way through the darkness to the cabin in Departure, there are words that will appear as full black words, which can appear for just a second or two, but pointing your flashlight on them does nothing. Below are some of the words that may appear.

  • Alice - Appears during Alan Wake's and Alice's argument whilst Alan tries to get to the cabin. It also appears when you can hear Alice confronting Barbara .
  • Barbara - Appears during Thomas Zane's and Barbara Jagger's argument whilst Alan tries to get to the cabin.
  • Darkness - Appears just before Barbara screams.
  • Heart - Appears when Tom is heard saying "Your heart is filled with darkness", after the knife is heard.
  • Knife - Appears when you hear the sound of a knife and before Barbara says "Put that knife away, Thomas. Put it down."
  • Not Barbara - Appears when Tom says "No. You're not Barbara Jagger. I made a terrible mistake".
  • Not Muse - Appears when Alan says that Alice is his muse.
  • Zane - Appears when Tom says "You're not my Barbara" during Tom and Barbara's argument.


  • The Typewriter Words were originally going to play a larger role in puzzles and gameplay elements during the first concept for Alan Wake II in 2010, which was eventually scrapped.

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