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This article is about the arcade map of Fight 'Till Dawn in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, for the Alan Wake Trailer Park see here.

Trailer Park is a location appearing in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Normal Description[]

Perhaps this place was once fit for people to live in, but now the only occupants of these dilapidated remains are shadows and the horrors that they hide.


  • The first wave has two regular Takens
  • The second wave has three
  • The third wave has four
  • The fourth wave has a Grenadier and four minor Takens here.
  • The fifth wave is very quiet, with just four regulars and a Woodcutter
  • The sixth wave: about five fast Takens and two Splitter
  • The seventh wave: six regulars and two Woodcutters
  • The eighth wave: almost 10 regular, a Bird Taken, a Splitter and a Grenadier
  • The ninth wave: 7-8 regulars, two Woodcutters, a Splitter
  • The tenth wave: a Woodcutter, two Splitters, a Grenader and many minor Takens


The Trailer Park is the fifth and final map appearing in Fight 'Till Dawn mode. The map itself is made up of several trailer units and sheds, which contain weapons and ammunition for the player to use in their fight against the Taken.

Beware that the caravans provide many opportunities for Taken to appear from around a corner at extremely short range.