The Tornado acts as an enemy in Alan Wake. It is controlled by the darkness and picks up objects, throwing them at you.


It is first seen in Nightmare at the end of Alan's nightmare, trying to stop him from reaching the lighthouse. It is seen next in the episode Ransom taking down trees and killing Mott, nearly killing Wake only for him to escape using a flare. Then it was seen in The Clicker twice; first throwing objects at Alan, Barry and Sarah as they tried to get the helicopter running, and the second time chasing Wake and throwing stuff at him while he is crossing the dam in order to get to Barry, Cynthia and Sheriff Breaker, and finally it appears different then in Nightmare or The Clicker near the end of the game when the player has to shoot three flares into it in order to destroy it. It is possible that the tornado is the main non-human form of Barbara Jagger. It is only faced in combat once, near the end of Departure.

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