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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Tor Is Bewitched is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


Tor Anderson had lightening in his veins. This was rock 'n' roll, baby. That Weaver girl had cast a spell on him. Tor would do anything she'd ask. Tor deserved this. Tor wanted this.

She wanted the song. A gift. He had to get it for her. Afterwards, it was too late. Tor swung his hammer in frustration. The spark was gone. Black liquid clogged his mind. A bad trip. Tor fought it. He was strong. He'd never be taken. But the darkness could still drown him.

Tor needed to warn someone. It was all happening again. Tom was back. Coming back. Tom would need help too if he was going to make it. But the bothers were too old to stop it this time.

Tor had called someone. Someone who could help. The name escaped him, drowned beneath dark water.


The page depicts Tor fighting against the Dark Prescence taking over.


  • Location: Bright Falls (Wellness Center, Patient Room)
  • Enter the Wellness Center, then the Patient Room. This page is on a desk.