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Toby is a character mentioned in Alan Wake. He was the pet dog of Bright Falls resident Maurice Horton. Toby was murdered during the 2010 Bright Falls AWE.


According to his owner, Toby was a friendly dog who loved people, although he could also be "too dumb for his own good".[1] He was very fond of Bright Falls resident Carl Stucky, who he would often play with.[2] Toby was also said to love rabbits.[1]


Toby owned by Bright Falls citizen Maurice Horton. Carl Stucky, the owner of Stucky's Gas Station, would often play with him and give him treats.[2]

Bright Falls AWE[]

On the night of September 8, after Maurice took Toby for walk, the dog ran off into the woods after hearing a sound coming from the undergrowth.[1] Not long after, Toby sensed the smell of Carl Stucky nearby and excitedly ran to meet him, but as he draw closer he sensed another strange smell coming form the man, which made the dog terrified, before the taken Stucky pierced his head with an ax.[2] His owner would later call the KBF-FM Radio Station during Pat Maine's radio show to let both Maine and his listeners know about the missing Toby, unaware of his dog's ultimate fate.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Originally, Toby was meant to return as a Taken animal, but Remedy Entertainment thought it was too similar to other "zombie/survival-thrillers" and cut that out as they wanted to be more original.


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