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Toby was a dog who was referenced to in Alan Wake.


Toby was a dog that was owned by Bright Falls citizen Maurice Horton.

Events of Alan Wake

After an amnesic Alan Wake awoke in his car and stumbled into the woods surrounding Cauldron Lake, he finds a radio broadcasting a conversation between Pat Maine and Toby's worried owner, Maurice Horton. The dog had run off into the woods earlier that evening and Maurice had called in asking locals to contact him if they found him.

A Nightmare Manuscript reveals that Toby approached Carl Stucky, not knowing anything about him being Taken. Stucky then kills Toby.


Toby knew the smell; it was the nice man, the nice man who always gave him treats and never got tired of playing with him. Toby wagged his tail in excited anticipation and gave a joyous bark.

Then there was another smell – a wrong smell – and it was alien enough to stop Toby in his tracks. Confused, he growled deep in his throat, the wrong smell came form the nice man.

Blind animal terror pierced the dog’s brain an instant before the axe followed suit.


  • Originally, Toby was to return as a Taken-possessed animal, but Remedy Entertainment thought it was too similar to other "zombie/survival-thrillers" and so cut that out as they wanted to be more original.