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Cover of the comic.


Time Breaker is a comic Shawn Ashmore finds in the Oceanview Hotel lobby during the Time Breaker chapter of the Night Springs Expansion. Using the PRS on a Lumivista TV, he shifts dimensions from the Oceanview into the comic.


Time Breaker tells the story of Shawn Ashmore meeting with a variant of Jesse Faden at the Ripple Effect Corporation. They discuss the multiverse and possible origins of Warlin Door.


  • Door's possible backstory closely mirrors that of Martin Hatch from the "Untitled Note" collectible in Quantum Break

    "Once - from your perspective, a long time ago, although time no longer has such meaning to me - I too came in contact with a time machine. In my case, it was not a manmade device, but a natural one, in a cave. It should come as no surprise, really, that such things exist, much like natural nuclear reactors do exist, such as the now defunct ones at Oklo, Africa. ... And in time, I too lost control and became a shifter, became at once everything and nothing, was everywhere and nowhere, died countless deaths and was still alive, my every probability, every possibility happening at once."[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

The comic was illustrated by Christopher Ward.[2]