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Quote1 Sounds like you've been having a rough go. I've been there. The missing time. It's the same thing I've been saying. The dreams. Sometimes I wake up in a completely different place, missing entire days. I have no idea what happened, but I'm trying to find out. Things always get better if you just keep moving forward, Alan. Quote2
― Breaker to Alan in the Dark Place.

Tim Breaker is a major character in Alan Wake 2. Nephew to Frank Breaker and cousin to Sheriff Sarah Breaker, Tim filled in as sheriff of Bright Falls, Washington after Sarah left to join the FBI. He calls FBI Agents Alex Casey and Saga Anderson after finding the body of former FBI Agent Robert Nightingale in a string of murders by the Cult of the Tree. When attempting to assist Anderson with the pages of a manuscript by Alan Wake, he is banished to the Dark Place by the interdimensional entity Mr. Door. In the Dark Place, Tim assists Alan on his journey while trying to learn more about Door, who he has dreamt about for years.



Tim Breaker is the nephew of Frank Breaker and cousin to Sarah Breaker, who both later became sheriff for Bright Falls. A fan of the television show "Night Springs" and the board game "Dungeons & Dragons", Tim became a believer in the supernatural. After Alan Wake's disappearance in 2010, Tim had recurring dreams about a man and had a police sketch made to be sent around. Sarah recognized the man from a case in Bright Falls 1988, when a resident named Warlin Door was struck by lightning near Cauldron Lake and vanished. Tim moved to Bright Falls to investigate further.

Sometime after 2012, Frank died and Sarah left to join a federal agency. Tim later took over as sheriff and handled town disputes and crime fairly, although he preferred to maintain peace rather than enforce the law. His strong belief in the supernatural made him unusual, but still well-liked by the town. His dreams of Warlin Door and visions of hedronic shapes continued to occur, with Tim documenting them. One of these occurrences caused him to leave his trailer at 1:15 am and drive to Cauldron Lake, where he sketched the octahedron he saw in the sky. He felt watched and believed Warlin knew he was getting closer to finding him.

In 2012, the body of dentist Ted Lane was found in a shallow grave. In 2018, the body of of teacher Wendy Davis was found floating in Cauldron Lake. Her husband, Gil Davis was arrested by Tim but was eventually acquitted due to lack of evidence. In 2023, store owner Percy Wolfe was found with a massive chest wound and tattoos on his body. All three people had gone missing in 2010, along with many other residents. While found extremely bloated due to exposure to water, the state of their bodies did not match the lengths of their disappearances. During these years, Tim Breaker and his deputies found scattered pages of a manuscript and began collecting them.

Night Springs[]

North Star[]

In a failed attempt to escape the Dark Place, Alan Wake repurposed a Night Springs script he had written, titled North Star. In the escape attempt, the town of Watery was temporarily transformed into Night Springs, with the Coffee World amusement park serving as the headquarters of a nefarious organization that sought to control people through their coffee. In this story Breaker plays the role of The Sheriff, who investigates the disappearances of people at Coffee World, and is convinced the government is involved somehow. There, he meets with The Sibling, who takes on the appearance of Jesse Faden. He is found by her in a lite gazebo and convinces her not to drink any coffee in Coffee world otherwise she will be turned into one of the Coffee. He also warns about watching the propoganda video that could control her mind, believing that the government is responsible. He was later found by the Sibling again near the warehouse. He was trying to find her but was attacked by the Coffee people. He had felt a bit of coffee entered his mouth and reassures the Sibling that he will be fine. However, he was later found in the office room of the warehouse where he had consequently turned into one of the Coffee people, but not attacking the Sibling.

Time Breaker[]

Another Night Springs script written by Alan Wake was titled Time Breaker. In this story, Tim goes under the name of The Actor. He is seen holding a PRS prop for a scene, directed by the Director. The Director called for the Actor to have a talk with him about their upcoming scenes for their video game and the Director's ideas of the multiverse, before the Director asks the Actor to take a break in the green room. Upon reaching the green room, he hears Door confronting a man named Branch who appears to be his doppelganger. The Actor also found scripts written by Sam Lake about their upcoming scenes coming to life. Thinking that the Director has played a prank on him, a red-haired woman, the Agent, came into the green room to warn him about Door. However, they were interrupted when the Actor was seemingly transported to Cauldron Lake, taking the form of one of his variants from the multiverse, to which the Actor has longer hair and a thick beard.

He explored the woods of Cauldron Lake and found a trailer that belongs to one of his variants, Branch. Inside the trailer, he finds a TV which allows him to travel through the multiverse and turn himself into one of his variants. However, Branch had hidden away the real PRS near a waterfall. After he had recovered the hidden PRS and charged it with an energy node he found, the Actor used the device on the TV, allowing him to travel to another universe again to which he is a sheriff of Bright Falls in Oceanview Hotel. He navigated the halls of the hotel with the guidance of the clock, while also combatting Time Breakers – antagonistic, darker variants of himself. He found an energy node and charged the PRS with it before transferring the energy to a TV he found before travelling to another again, this time focusing on finding the Agent.

The next universe takes place in a comic-themed universe, where he is a REC agent along side the red haired woman. They both conversed about finding The Master of Many Worlds, exploring about other variants, such as Alan Wake's variants like Scratch and Thomas Zane, as well as how the energies sent ripples through different realities can sometimes harm variants, such as those of Jesse Faden, where one of her variants gets killed in an explosion, while another attains telekinetic powers, and another having the ability to create a bond with an extraterrestrial being. The Agent reveals that Door had the ability to access all realities and he was was not typically after Branch, but after the Actor, with darker variants of himself after him under Door's control, and convinces the Actor to find and stop Door. The Actor sets on a mission to stop Door in which he travels to another dimension again. But this time, he ends up in a retro themed side-scrolling arcade game universe, where he has to survive multiple waves of darker variants of himself.

After the Actor survived waves of fighting his darker variants, he meets with Warlin Door face to face. Door convinced the Actor that he may be the chosen one as he has overpowered most of his variants, before inviting him to join Door and work with him, to which the Actor coldly rejected. Door laughs it off and promises the Actor that he will regret it, also adding that he was lying about the Actor being the chosen one. Suddenly, the Actor is transported to another universe once again, a field filled with piles of powerless energy nodes. Desperate to hunt down the Master of Many Worlds, the Actor fought his way through darker variants of himself to charge his PRS with one active energy node before transmitting that energy to a TV he found, sending him to another universe.

However, in this final universe, this universe is styled in a javascript, to which allows the player to make their selected choice on finding the Master of Many Worlds. There are various options given to how the player wants to navigate the Actor in finding Door. Despite all of the various options available, the Actor, instead of finding Door, found himself in the Writer's Room. It turns out that the Master of Many Worlds was not Door himself, but Alan Wake, which the Actor found him sitting at the table on his typewriter.

Alan Wake 2[]

On September 13, 2023; Breaker's deputies Mulligan and Thornton respond to tourists Tammy and Ed Booker witnessing a murder near Cauldron Lake. The two deputies find the body of former FBI agent Robert Nightingale, who had gone missing in Bright Falls in 2010 while pursuing writer Alan Wake. While Tim meets with the Bookers for questioning, he calls in the FBI. Agents Alex Casey and Saga Anderson respond to the scene. Mulligan and Thornton believe the Bookers are suspects, but Tim doesn't believe they're murderers.

After Nightingale's body is brought back to the Bright Falls Sheriff Station, Casey and Anderson meet with Tim at the Oh Deer Diner. He gives them coffee and speaks with Casey while Anderson questions the Bookers. Tim then brings the agents in the morgue to examine the body. The agents find Nightingale's body to be in a similar condition to Percy Wolfe's. Anderson removes a manuscript page from Nightingale's chest cavity. After reading it, Tim recognizes its contents and brings out a binder containing other pages of the manuscript, only to be instantaneously transported to another dimension called Dark Place; a shadowy, nightmarish realm shaped like New York City, by Mr. Door.

Upon further investigating Door and the Dark Place, Tim meets Alan Wake. The two compare notes on their theories, but Alan is caught in a loop which ends in his death, causing him to forget Tim each time they meet. Alan reveals that he has been trapped in the Dark Place since 2010 and has been trying to write himself back into reality. Tim assists Alan by giving him supplies and information on the area. Tim also meets Thomas Zane, believing him to be Alan's double, like Scratch. Zane asks Tim about Alan's whereabouts and the manuscript's. He also asks Tim if he is going to a costume party and if he could come. Tim reveals that he is an actual cop, causing Zane to run off. Throughout the Dark Place, Tim has visions of himself in other worlds. In this world, he sees an alternate version of Warlin Door. He also sees a red-headed woman and an alternate version of her, connected to a polyhedron.

Saga is later banished to the Dark Place by Casey, possessed by Scratch. Near Parliament Tower, Saga finds Tim. He explains what happened to him and gives Saga the manuscript page he planned on giving her in the morgue, which details Mr. Door navigating the Dark Place. Saga uses it to reach the tower. Tim decides to stay in the Dark Place in order to discover the truth about Door.