Thomas Emerson[1] is one of Doctor Emil Hartman's patients at the Cauldron Lake Lodge. He likes to design video games and in his room are numerous posters of Night Springs and has an Xbox 360 plugged to his TV, with a copy of a Night Springs video game next to it.

Control confirms that Emerson escaped and survived when the darkness attacked Cauldron Lake Lodge. When the Federal Bureau of Control came to investigate in the aftermath of the events at Bright Falls, Emerson was evaluated but later cleared by Bureau researchers along with the other lodge patients, though the Bureau placed a standing bi-annual surveillance order on him.[1]


  • The way he climbs over the couch, when you first meet him was inspired by an episode of Twin Peaks, where a demonic figure named "BOB" climbs over a couch almost the exact same way.
  • Emerson rambles on about "Mullet time" which was a joke on the "Bullet Time" feature in Remedy Entertainment's earlier games Max Payne 1 and 2. The feature consists of the game world slowing down so that Max Payne could shoot at enemies with greater precision.
  • He makes a cameo in the Death Rally remake along with Barry Wheeler.
  • He wears a shirt with the image of a ninja. This image is probably a reference to an enemy that appeared in the 1984 game, Bruce Lee.


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