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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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The Woods of Bright Falls

Quote1 I woke up in the woods and my arms were just all covered in this, like, red mud. Quote2
― Jake Fischer, ("Lights Out")

A large proportion of the area in Bright Falls consists of trees. Although there are large, vast woods in Bright Falls, not much animal life is spotted, although the woods are infested with seemingly innumerable Taken.

Alan Wake[]

Alan spends most of the first game making his way to various sorts of objectives. He first finds himself in the woods following his car accident. He then braves the perils of the forest to reach Carl Stucky's gas station. After receiving a phone call from the kidnapper, he then makes his way through Elderwood National Park to meet him. Soon after, Alan flees Agent Nightingale by making his way through the forest yet again, towards the radio station, fighting hordes of Taken along the way. He barely arrives at the radio station, before having to flee into the forest again while being pursued by the local police. Alan escapes the police, but the police were not able to escape the Taken. This is the only time that the Dark Presence protects Alan, even though for its own nefarious purposes. He then goes to meet the kidnapper at Mirror Peak. After Alan escapes Cauldron Lake Lodge , he goes with Barry to the Anderson Farm , where he is forced to trek through the surrounding wilderness to reach his destination. After Alan and Barry are arrested, the woods make yet another appearance when the helicopter carrying the protagonists goes down on the way to the Well-lit Room. Later on, Alan must brave the woods for the last time as he makes the journey to the source of the evil: Cauldron Lake .

Bright Falls (Mini-Series)[]


Keys to the Mountain Air motel room


Sam Smiths' Rifle


Daniel Smith walking in the woods


Ellen's Shoe

Opening Sequence[]

During the opening sequence, you can see the woods of Bright Falls. Several items can be found when looking closely.

Episode One: Oh Deer[]

  • Jake hits a deer with his car in the woods, but when he shines a light on the deer it made strange noises and it vanished quickly.

Episode Two: Time Flies[]

  • Jake Fischer joked about the woods being unusually quiet.
  • A picture of the road where Jake ran the deer over with his car, was hanging in the office of Dr. Hartman.
  • At the end Jake saw a man walking at the end of the forest with a deer head in his hand.

Episode Three: Lights out[]

  • In the beginning, Jake woke up in the woods with his hands covered in red mud.
  • Daniel Smith was watching Jake in the woods.
  • Sam Smith heard some noises coming from the woods, he searched the area but didn't find anything. When he fell down, he burst out laughing but was suddenly grabbed by something, presumably killing him.

Episode Four: Local Flavor[]

  • Again, Jake woke up in the woods, but this time in a body bag.

Episode Five: Off The Record[]

  • Jake walked out of the forest and saw his car on the road.

Episode Six: Clearcut[]

  • Jake was leaving Bright Falls but then crashed again. In the reflection in the window of the car, trees can be seen moving but suddenly more rapid and slowly Jake turned dark and vanished, leaving an empty car behind.