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The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1 is one of the Collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is one of the pages of the Departure manuscript. It can only be obtained in Nightmare Mode.

Manuscript text[]

The Poet and the Muse lyrics by Old Gods of Asgard.

The first verse:

There's an old tale wrought with the mystery of Tom the Poet and his muse

And a magic lake which gave a life to the words the poet used

Now, the muse she was his happiness, and he rhymed about her grace

And told her stories of treasures deep beneath the blackened waves

'Til in the stillness of one dawn, still in its misty crown

The muse she went down to the lake, and in the waves she drowned


The page can be found on the green couch of the Majestic Motel reception room.

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