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The Plane Crash Site is a location that can be found in the Elderwood National Park.


Found within a deep wooded canyon on the path to the old mill. In game, Alan mentions that he heard what sounded like the plane crashing, despite it appearing decades old.

In the Official Survival Guide, there is a clipping of a newspaper article written by Cynthia Weaver of the Bright Falls Record detailing the circumstances of the incident.

Official Survival Guide - Pg

Page 87 of the Official Survival Guide.

Quote1 Renowned Academics Confirmed Dead in Elderwood Plane Crash
Local officials in Bright Falls said no one survived after the plane apparently struck trees and plunged into a thickly wooded canyon as it approached Watery airport. The weather conditions were described as “thick, dense fog.” According to eyewitness and long-time resident Carol Troup, she heard the plane’s engine sputtering then saw it pitch wildly before descending into the fog bank over the Elderwood National Park. Mayor Milford said the crash was the most tragic event of the county’s post-earthquake history.

The plane, a Gosling A550 twin-prop seaplane, was carrying three passengers and two crew, and included Doctor C.D. Ward, Deputy Chief Seismologist from the University of Marple; Professor Richard Hallorann, a fellow of the Randi College of Preternatural Research; and Hallorann’s assistant, Mary Derleth.

The crash comes two weeks after both Ward and Hallorann concluded their (separate) field studies. Promising “incredible and shocking” updated information on the recent submerging of Diver’s Isle out on Cauldron Lake after the recent seismic activity, Professor Richard Hallorann confirmed to this reporter that the evidence “would change our perception of reality.” It appears that both the academics’ dossiers and all field evidence have been lost.

Treacherous terrain and severe weather conditions in the area are hampering recovery efforts. A local sheriff’s spokesman commented “We’ve never seen weather so damned unpleasant. There’s no way we can remove the plane from the crash site; we will remove all evidence and leave the wreckage in the woods.” Quote2
― By Cynthia Weaver, Special to the Bright Falls Record


  • The article claims that the researchers had been performing field studies for at least two weeks, however the crash itself is only days after Diver's Isle itself vanished.
  • It's curious that one of the deceased was a preternatural researcher.
  • Even more so that all of the potential field evidence went missing. Given that the FBC is known to have investigated Cauldron Lake as far back as 1970, it's probably not surprising.
  • Alan Wake Illuminated mentions an unused mission scenario/level concept where Alan follows a burning plane to its crash site in a farm field, only to find no one aboard once he reaches it.