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The Hitchhiker was a creation in Alan Wake's dreams.


In Alan's "Nightmare", he dreamed that he accidentally hit a hitchhiker with his car. When Wake went up to help him, the hitchhiker vanished. Alan mentions the hitchhiker had been a character in a story he wrote earlier. He is furious at Wake for killing him with his car, and chases him throughout the dream, killing Clay Steward who tries to defend Alan with a revolver, but is later killed when he runs out of ammo (it is suggested in the Alan Wake Files that Clay was dreaming the same dream as Alan). He swings his axe into the door, scaring Wake and making a small hole, but then rocks the cabin somehow, and one of his eyes appears on the television set in the cabin, simply saying, "Die... die... die... die... die..." until Wake jumps out. He is the only known Taken to appear more than once, making clones of himself to kill Wake (with an exception to the Imaginary Barry in The Writer).


  • It is possible the hitchhiker could be Alex Casey (or perhaps a reference to him), the main character in a series of books Alan wrote, but soon killed off in "The Sudden Stop". This is due to the fact that the hitchhiker talks about "...playing with peoples' lives when you think it adds to the drama...". When Alan killed off Alex Casey, not many people were happy. Further more, during Alan's nightmare, copies of The Sudden Stop can be found all over the ground just behind the car.
  • The Hitchhiker, when about to be run over, looks dully at the car, suggesting he is possibly drunk.
  • Even though Alan refers to him as a hitchhiker, he is clearly seen standing in the middle of the road, thus making his initial motives even more uncertain.
    • Assuming the character is Casey, he might have been recreating the character's death at the end of the Sudden Stop, the title referring to the car that stopped suddenly when it hit him.