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The Harry Garrett Show is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is an episode of The Harry Garrett Show.


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Harry Garrett Show!

Harry Garrett: Thank you! Thank you, everybody. We have a great show tonight! I've been talking with the bestselling author Alan Wake about his new book “The Sudden Stop”.

Alan Wake: Yeah. Good read! Go buy it!

Harry Garrett: No, no, it is a good read! Look - uh, I'm gonna be honest here…

Alan Wake: Is that wise?

Harry Garrett: No, but I'm gonna do it anyway - I got people who give me the lowdown on books, I'm a busy guy. But this one I actually read from cover to cover. I mean, I'm a big fan.

Alan Wake: Wow. Thanks

Harry Garrett: Now, this might be a spoiler for those who haven't read the book yet - based on the sales figures, the two people out there who haven't read the book yet… but this last book is all about the death of the main character, the hardboiled New York detective, Alex Casey. Now, there's been a lot of outrage about this. Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?

Alan Wake: Good riddance! No, seriously, though, seven years and six books is a long time. He was a gloomy guy to spend all your working hours with. And it was a good run, but it's time to explore new things. My next book will be a departure from the old for me.

Harry Garrett: You selfish bastard. Always thinking of yourself. You've certainly given us a lot of entertainment over the years. Now that you mention it, Casey was a gloomy guy. Never had much luck with his love life, with the ladies. Was that autobiographical in any way?

Alan Wake: Yeah, no kidding. Casey's lady friends tended to die on him. With Casey, it was all about his pain. No, nothing autobiographical about that. I'm a happily married man. My wife is my muse.

Harry Garrett: Well congratulations! That's great to hear. So, how's the publicity tour been treating you?

Alan Wake: Good. Great! But I gotta say I'm glad to be back home in New York.

Harry Garrett: Well, you've certainly been on the news a lot lately. Lots of parties, and, uh… you got into a fight with some paparazzi.

Alan Wake: Ohh man… Well, that guy was really in my face. I lost my temper. I know that wasn't cool.

Harry Garrett: You are famous for that temper…

Alan Wake: Well, I did also write several books.

Harry Garrett: Ha ha ha! Well, your latest novel is called “The Sudden Stop,” and it's in book stores now. Go get it! That means the two of you out there who haven't bought it yet. Ladies and gentlemen, that's all we have for you tonight! I want to thank all our guests for the evening, Alan Wake, Sam Lake - once more, do that face for us, Sam, there it is! And our musical guests, Poets of the Fall! Thank you, and good night!


The television holding this episode can be found in the living room of Alan Wake's apartment.