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The Great Old One is a tree that can be found in Elderwood National Park.


Found on the trail to Lovers' Peak in Elderwood National Park, the tree is known as a "Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii subsp. glauca). The tree was said, according to local legends, to have stretched 'beyond the stars'.

In 1937, when the tree was over 200 years old, lightning struck it just above the base. It was then measured, where locals found the tree to be over 66 meters tall before destruction. It has since been made into a tourist attraction, with the tree having a hole cut through the middle of the base of the trunk.

Events of Alan Wake[]

Alan comes across this tree briefly whilst he makes his way to meet the kidnapper in Episode 2: Taken. It is here he is ambushed by roughly four Taken, one which appears from the hole cut through the trunk of the tree itself.


  • In the Survival Guide, Alan notes that the tree's death was the same year H.P. Lovecraft died[1].
  • The Survival Guide also mentions the tree was 88 meters tall, versus the 66 seen in game signage - a more realistic height for a record Douglas Fir.
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