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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 Back to the beginning, with the memory of the past loop already fading fast. But while it lingers, I know there's hope. We are not doomed to repeat our failures in an eternal loop. This is a spiral. Quote2
― Alan Wake, beginning narration

The Final Draft is the New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2, released with Update 13 on December 11, 2023. It includes a new difficulty level (Nightmare), an expanded version of the base ending, new collectibles, and other narrative changes/additions.

Narratively, The Final Draft is the final "loop" of Return, further along the spiral towards Alan Wake's ascension and his escape from the Dark Place.

Narrative Differences[]


In Prologue: The Cult, Alan's narration during the opening sequence changes, accounting for what he learned from the previous loop.

Quote1 ...back to the beginning, with the memory of this past loop already fading fast. But while it lingers, I know there is hope. We are not doomed to repeat our failures in an eternal loop. This is a spiral.
A fictional poet once said: beyond the shadow you settle for, there is a miracle, illuminated. I will not settle for a shadow. I will find the miracle. Through the night. It’s not just victims and monsters. I see now there are heroes as well. We can find our way through the darkness. We will break through the surface. We will emerge into the light. Quote2


  • During Initiation 3: Haunting, Alan will find a photograph by Alice when he enters the Parliament Tower elevator. The photo (Spark of Light) depicts Alan with the bullet wound from the Bullet of Light in his head. Alan will also see a brief vision of Alice appear with her saying his name. He will say that it gives him the strength to keep going, and the photo can be seen in the inventory afterwards.



After Saga enters the Writer's Room, Alan has a different inner monologue over the original ending scene (where Scratch arrives as Alan and Saga trigger the new ending with the Clicker, causing Scratch to come out of Casey and enter Alan, before Saga shoots him with the Bullet of Light). Alan narrates the following:

Quote1 I see it clearly now. This part at least. We have met here before. Time loops in the Dark Place. Every choice you make affects everything- that comes both before and after you make it... it does when you change a detail in a story you are writing. When the bullet of light blew the darkness out of the crater of my skull, the Dark Presence was born from the remains, feeding on the horror around it to grow. It found me writing. Tapped into me, influenced me. I was lost in my work. The link was severed when I finished “Return”. But the Dark Presence was hungry for more. And I was missing the small part of myself that it had been born from. Alice. Love is strange. Even apart, we are still together in our memories. We put each other through hell to set us free. Again and again. Different versions of us. Alice helped me get there. Where I needed to be. It has taken so long. The process to change reality is so delicate, to be true in just the right way, and still find a way past our flaws. So many drafts. So many photographs. So many lives lived outside time, an eternity apart on this journey to finally arrive here. Quote2

The ending scene is also extended from the original, and is not cut off by credits, nor does the last documentary video from Alice play. After Saga tries to call her daughter Logan and the screen cuts to black, eventually Logan picks up, panicking after having a terrible nightmare, asking Saga to come home, with Saga relieved to find Logan is alive.

Suddenly the bullet hole in Alan's head glows again, and he comes back to life. Alan realizes the ending worked and Scratch is gone, and in his mind he sees a vision of Alice, realizing she had been trying to help him. The bullet hole fades from his head, and Alan narrates the following:

Quote1 And so I return. With me I bear the torch of knowledge, the light, the miracle illuminated. The master of two worlds. No... the master of many worlds. Quote2
― Alan Wake

Unlike in the original ending, the credits start here, after all the live-action scenes have ended.


Manuscript pages[]

Night Springs[]

This collectible appears on the same TV as the Night Springs - Commercial. At this time, there does not seem to be a way to collect both videos in one run.
  • Night Springs - Season Intro

Writer's Journey[]

  • Spiral

Dr. Darling's messages[]

At this time, the third Darling message cannot be found in-game.
  • Signals
  • Collaboration
  • Video 3

Various Artists[]

  • Poe - This Road (AW)


  • Alan Wake mentions being "the master of many worlds", which confirms Casper Darling's "Many Worlds" theory.