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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Most of us have felt its shadow on us. A shiver down your back; a glimpse from the corner of the eye. You can't find it on purpose, but take a wrong turn, board the wrong bus, wonder where you are when you wake up, and you will find yourself in the small town of... Night Springs. Quote2
― Beginning Narration, Night Springs Narrator

The Doomed Samaritan is an episode of the in-game television series of Night Springs found in the Remastered version of Alan Wake only. It can be found in a small sitting room when escaping Cauldron Lake Lodge in Episode 4: The Truth.


A man named Mark is helping a woman named Linda by driving her out of Night Springs. As they are driving, they spot a man, wearing a black hoodie, crawling at the side of the road. They pull over and Linda gets out of the car to check on the man, but when she see's his face, it is somehow Mark. He tries to warn Linda about an oncoming truck, but just as he does, a truck crashes into Mark and Linda, seemingly killing them. Suddenly, the Mark that was in the car then becomes the Mark crawling across the side of the road. A car pulls up behind him, which contains Linda and his past self. He tries to warn Linda of a truck that crashes into them, but it is too late.

Ending Narration[]

Quote1 And there you have it, a vicious cycle brutally punctuated by the blast of an air horn and screaming metal. Many roads are dangerous, but none more so than the one that leads away from... Night Springs. Quote2
― Night Springs Narrator


  • This episode was initially cut from the original Alan Wake video game, but was re-added in Alan Wake Remastered in place of product placements that played on a television.
  • In the second clip of Mark warning Linda, his voice is slightly distorted compared to the first time.