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The Diver is an unknown character in The Bright Falls mini-series.


Nothing about the diver is revealed.

Bright Falls (Mini-series)[]

An unknown diver can be seen at the beginning of Episode 1: "Oh Deer" of Bright Falls Mini-series. His intentions are unknown but he can be seen dragging a body bag on the beach, which probably was located in the lake. He opens up the body bag, revealing Jake Fischer and then the Diver left with a boat.

Unanswered questions[]

  • Who is the diver?
  • What was he doing pulling a body bag out of the lake? (Recovering the corpse of Jake Fischer who promptly became one of the Taken which is evident in his violent behaviour, black outs and other strange behaviours.)
  • Why did the Diver leave the body bag on the shore completely un-attended?
  • When the Diver leaves the shore, he paddles away in a fishing boat. Could it be possible that the diver is someone who fishes regularly, like Doctor Nelson?


  • After recovering the corpse of Jake Fischer from the lake, the Diver abandoned the body leaving it safely on the shore.
  • It is possible but unlikely that this is Thomas Zane.