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The Cult of the Tree is Born is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript, found by Saga Anderson in the Watery Lighthouse.


“They are too old to fight monsters. The Torchbearers are done. We need something new.” Ilmo took a long drag from the joint and handed it to his brother. They’d been drinking and smoking all night. ”That thing from the lake was not a man. And the government’s trying to hide it.” Ilmo gestured at the files they had stolen from the research station. The strange seal with an upside-down pyramid. The Federal Bureau of Control. ”We need to keep the Feds away. Deal with this our way. We need an army of our own.

Jakko smiled, he loved to watch his brother come up with his ideas.

Ilmo’s gaze swam. He was seeing double. The pyramid on the folder was a spruce tree. A tree, he thought. A fucking tree. It was a sign. ”We’ll make the woods scary again! So fucking scary no one will set foot in them at night. That’s how we’ll keep people safe. We’ll be a legend. We are the Cult of the Tree and we watch in the night. We’re gonna need scary masks.”

Energized, Jaakko chugged a bottle of Ahma beer in one go.


The page depicts the Koskela Brothers' decision to create the Cult of the Tree, knowing the threat of the Dark Presence under Cauldron Lake, the Torchbearers being too old to keep defending Bright Falls, and distrusting the Federal Bureau of Control which was trying to keep people away from the lake. Ilmo, drunk, sees the black pyramid in the FBC logo and sees double; the pyramid becomes a spruce tree, and so he comes up with the idea of a cult in the woods which will scare people away.


  • Location: Watery (Lighthouse)
  • Find and unlock all the Cult Stashes. After opening the last locked box, Saga will find a key to the Watery Lighthouse.
  • Enter the Lighthouse, and this page is on the floor.