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The Bright Falls Record is a location appearing in the Alan Wake prequel series, Bright Falls.


The paper was known to have been established in 1896. The Bright Falls Record releases both morning and evening editions of the paper.

Cynthia Weaver previously worked at the Record until she retired some years prior to the events of Alan Wake. Other known writers of the paper include Ellen Adams and Leland Brennan.

Outside of the miniseries, various news articles and headlines can be found throughout the lore, some of which are found in The Alan Wake Files and The Alan Wake Official Survival Guide.

Events of Bright Falls (Mini-series)[]

In the mini-series Bright Falls, this is where Ellen Adams is known to work. At first she is seen inside the building in the third episode, Lights Out, when Jake Fischer visits her after he experiences strange things. We don't see her again near the building until the final episode, Clearcut, when she's talking on the phone outside.

The Alan Wake Files[]

  • Volcanic Quake Sinks Island, Damages Power Plant

Written for the July 20, 1970 edition of the paper, the article mentions an earthquake that occurred on July 18, 1970 that measured 7.3 on the Richter scale. Some homes were damaged, but not catastrophically, though most importantly it is revealed that Diver's Isle, which used to be on top of Cauldron Lake, had now sunk to the bottom of the lake. Bright Falls was left without power for 24 hours, and many residents of the town was interviewed about the event, including Carl Stucky who was just a high schooler at the time. Nobody was harmed however.

  • Barbara Jagger, a “beacon of light,” 1945-1970

Whilst not a news article, this is an obituary written on July 11, 1970 about Barbara Jagger which explained that she drowned in Cauldron Lake at just 25 years of age. The obituary goes on to mention how kind she was in life, and that she won the Miss Deerfest pageant three times. She was survived by her companion, Thomas Zane.

The Alan Wake Official Survival Guide[]

These newspaper clippings can be found in the official survival guide.

  • UFO scare: Lights in the sky frighten populace

Reported in a morning edition of the paper on an unknown and written by Leland Brennan, numerous residents around Cauldron Lake called the Bright Falls Sheriff Station after witnessing mysterious lights hovering over the lake. These lights appeared around the same location Diver's Isle used to be and was said to have lasted thirty minutes. Pat Maine was interviewed for the paper on his opinion, while Deputy Mulligan chocked it up to some fireworks by teenagers or a weather balloon.

  • Uninvited Guest Tells Tall Tales, Spooked by Light and Shadows
  • Renowned Academics Confirmed Dead in Elderwood Plane Crash
    Official Survival Guide - Pg

    Page 87 of the Survival Guide.

  • One Hospitalized, All Shaken, as Ghost Hunters Flee Ruins
  • Pictorial Highlights from This Year’s Deerfest!
  • Body in Vehicle Now Confirmed as That of British Tourist

Alan Wake II[]

  • Local Park Ranger: Forests no more dangerous than usual
  • UFO Scare: Lights in the Sky Frighten Populace
  • Slinky: The World's Cutest Cat
  • No More Poverty in Bright Falls
  • Devastating Car Crash Leaves No Apparent Victims
  • Another Star Fades at the Age of 40
  • Man Gives Birth to "Toy Elephant"
  • Skeptics say: Earth is Actually Flat
  • Tragedy in Watery: Local Girl Drowns
  • Local Musician Performs at Suomi Hall, Downtown Watery
  • Heavy Rainfall Threatens Deerfest
  • Wake's New Book "A Triumph"
  • Businesses Close and Crowds Mob the Streets as Bright Falls Residents Celebrate the Highly Anticipated Release of Alan Wake's "Return"


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