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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Alan Wake Official Survival Guide

The official survival guide

Quote1 Those seeking horror must plunge into the darkness before they can see the light. It is hoped this book bears the torch you need Quote2
― David S. J. Hodgson

The Alan Wake Official Survival Guide is both a real-world and in-universe guide to Alan Wake. The guide is written by David S. J. Hodgson, who lives in Watery.


For the real-world, it serves as a guide for players progressing through the game, depicting collectable locations, how-to's as well as information on characters and locations.

For in-universe context, it serves to explain what happened to Alan Wake when he visited Bright Falls in more detail.


Survival in a Hostile Environment[]

This is a 13-page section that begins with a foreword from the author, David S. J. Hodgson. He talks about the events that occurred the September recently gone, and also thanks numerous people in the help of creating the guide. Some of these people include characters from the game, such as Clay Steward, Barry Wheeler, Sarah Breaker and Pat Maine. Included in this section are also two lost manuscript pages written by Alan.

It then details numerous locations across Bright Falls. It also details many of the games mechanics, as well as the weapons and vehicles Alan uses within the game. Finally it explains all the enemies he faces, both humanoid and in-human.

Psychological Evaluations[]

This section is only 5 pages long, but contains descriptions and ages of various characters encountered across the game, including characters who only briefly appear. Whilst all other characters only get a brief description, Alan receives a "Suspect Evaluation" from the Bright Falls Sherriff's Department from when he was there in Episode 2. Finally this section contains another lost manuscript page.

Episodic Evidence[]

Prior to going into each episode, this 3-page section details all the collectables Alan finds across the game, including mentioning how some are only found in Nightmare difficulty. A fourth lost page can also be read here.

Episode One: Nightmare[]

This section is 26 pages long and goes into detail on Alan's nightmare as well as his time at the cabin, and when he made his way to Stucky's Gas Station.

Interesting things found in this section includes a flyer about the destroyed bridge found in Alan's nightmare, aptly named ""Old Ma” Campbell", indicating this is a real bridge found in Bright Falls and not one Alan randomly dreamt up. The cabin Alan also enters in his dream is named "Huntsman's Cabin". Later a Sherriff's report can be seen regarding Alan's crash when he woke up behind the wheel of his car. One final interesting item is a newspaper clipping from 1970 of a shadowy man wielding an axe near Rain Cove Point.

Episode Two: Taken[]

This section is 36 pages long and goes into detail on Alan's time at the Sherriff's station and his journey to meet the kidnapper.

In the episode itself Alan find's Alice's drivers license, and whilst it cannot be read clearly in the game, it can be seen quite clearly in the guide, including date of birth and address. Later a brochure can be seen for Elderwood National Park as well as a newspaper clipping on a plane wreckage Alan can find out in the woods. There is also some detail regarding the ravens that attack, which are known as "An Unkindness of Ravens".

Episode Three: Ransom[]

This section is 35 pages long and goes into detail on Alan ending up on the run from the FBI and his journey to meet the kidnapper at Mirror Peak.

There is nothing major to note within this section except it contains a flyer for Pat Maine's radio show, as well as a newspaper article about an injury after a ghost hunting crew investigate the Mountain Manor.

Episode Four: The Truth[]

This section is 35 pages long and goes into detail on Alan's time at the Cauldron Lake Lodge, his journey to reach the Anderson Farm and his drunken dream of his time in Bird Leg Cabin.

Things of note is a flyer for the Cauldron Lake Lodge that invites aspiring creators that might be having issues with their career. Various drawings of shadowy creatures can also be found, all painted by Rudolf Lane.

Episode Five: The Clicker[]

This section is 33 pages long and goes into detail on his journey through Bright Falls, reaching the Bright Falls Light & Power and later the Bright Falls Dam for the Well-Lit Room.

This section contains a newspaper article, one of which is of the Deerfest celebrations that occurred a couple of days later from these events. A flyer can be found for the Bright Falls Book Store and recommended reads for August, which includes books from Alan Wake, Emil Hartman and even Pat Maine. Finally it also contains a checklist for the Well-Lit room that Cynthia Weaver used when changing the lightbulbs during September 13-19.

Episode Six: Departure[]

This section is 27 pages long and goes into detail on Alan's journey to reach Cauldron Lake.

Things of note include a webpage for those wishing to spend a vacation in Bright Falls, with the page of note being of the The Majestic Motell. Another newspaper clipping can be found about the body of a British tourist being found in 1970. Finally a "MISSING" poster is shown for Alan Wake.

Appendices and Further Notes[]

This final 11-page section details all achievements that can be obtained in the game as well as all the collectables in a spreadsheet like manner.


  • Although the guide came out at the same time as the game, when it comes to its in-universe context, the author's foreword dates the guide as the 13th May 2010. This would not make sense considering the events of the game occur in September 2010, as confirmed in Control's second DLC, AWE.
    • Clay Steward is also depicted to have visited the The Majestic Motell on the 15th September 2009, which also would be incorrect.
  • Clay Steward, writer of The Alan Wake Files, helped contribute towards the guide.