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The 1975 Ragnarock Tour is one of the Collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is a poster detailing the Old Gods of Asgard's Ragnarock Tour.

Sign text[]

The Old Gods of Asgard

The 1975 Ragnarock Tour

Be Awed by Celestial Wrath and Fury!

April 11: Seattle, WA.

April 13: Bakersfield, CA.

April 14: Long Beach, CA.

April 17: New York City, NY.

April 18: Newark, NJ.

April 22: Detroit, MI.

April 26: Jacksonville, FL.

April 27: Tampa, FL.

April 30: New Orleans, LA.

May 1: Baton Rogue, LA.


The poster can be found on the upper floor of the Anderson Farm barn.