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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Terry's Guest Call is one of the collectibles in Alan Wake 2. It is one of Pat Maine's radio shows.


Pat: Up next, we have, um, we had a guest lined up. I have it written down here somewhere. What’s this say. Jim Figamore. Figamore, Figamore, I know that name from somewhere, but- Oh, the line’s lighting up, so that could be him. Hello, you’re on with Pat Maine.

Terry: Hey, it’s Terry! I’m at the Elderwood Palace Lodge and there’s been a shootout! FBI everywhere! I think somebody’s dead! I was working the front desk when bullets just started flying! I had to hide under my desk!

Pat: Oh gosh, Terry. Clearly a bit of embellishment on your part, but it sounds like maybe Russ Hammond’s been hunting quail in the off season again.

Terry: Quail?! You’re not listening! They shot up the whole damn hotel! And that’s not all. I swear to sweet Jesus Murphy I saw Alan Wake walk in before it all happened!

Pat: Alan Wake. Now is that one of Mandy-May’s kids?

Terry: Alan fucking Wake, Pat! The writer! You’ve talked about him on the show! He disappeared years ago!

Pat: Disappeared, you say! Okay, this is all coming together now. See, people were calling in about Wendy Davis going missing, but it sounds like they have her confused with this Alan Walker fellow you’re talking about. Terry, you were there last Sunday at the market selling those cuckoo clocks when I came to visit, remember?

Terry: Pat, no-

Pat: And who was selling beef jerky in that stall next to yours? Wendy Davis. Davis Family Beef Jerky. Now how can she be selling me beef jerky on Sunday and be missing since 2010? It’s ridiculous.

Terry: Wendy’s fucking dead! I’m talking about Alan Wake! Jesus, Pat, this is serious! I’m trying to put the warning out! There’s something wild going on! I gotta go in case they come back!

Pat: Okay. That was Jim Figamore everybody, and he’ll be running for mayor this... Wait, no, that was... that was...

Pat: Anyway, that’s our show for today.

Pat: Anyway, here’s another song from Cathy’s grandson, Darrel.



  • On release, a bug prevented players from collecting more than 6 of the 9 Pat Maine Radio Shows. Players would be able to collect the first six shows without incident, but all subsequent radios would only play Deerfest Floats on repeat without it being collectible, meaning this episode and the one following it would not ever play. This was fixed in Update 10 on November 9, 2023, the patch notes for which stated that all Radio Shows could now be heard.
    • However, subsequently players have made widespread reports that only seven shows can be collected, with Deerfest Floats skipped and replaced by Terry's Guest Call.