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Terry's Cuckoo Clocks is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of Pat Maine's radio shows.


Pat: You’re back with Pat Maine, and we’ve got a very special guest today on the program. It’s artisan cuckoo clock designer Terry Feldman. Terry, how are we today?

Terry: Hey there, Pat, doing just fine. I’m a super big fan of the show. What a treat to be on with ya today.

Pat: Oh the pleasure’s all mine, Terry. Now I hear you’re doing something special for Deerfest. Tell us about that.

Terry: Yeah, I’m crafting a selection of custom basswood cuckoo clocks, but the real special sauce is when it’s cuckoo time and you’re expecting a bird to pop out for a chirp... Out comes a big ol’ deer.

Pat: Well that’s just neat.

Terry: Yeah, it’s pretty neat.

Pat: Real neat. That’s gonna have the tourists tickled pink And I hear you’re selling these at the Sunday market, so make sure to say hello- to Wendy Davis from our sponsor, Davis Family Beef Jerky, while you’re there, alright?

Pat: Terry, you still there?

Terry: Yeah, still here. I’m just... Jeez, Pat, I’m sorry to tell ya this. I thought you heard. Wendy’s dead.

Pat: Oh boy. That’s a strange joke you’re playing there, Terry.

Terry: No, it’s... I’m sorry, Pat. Y’know all that FBI business. Wendy was one of those bodies they found.

Pat: Well that’s just not possible, Terry. Wendy stopped by this morning with three flavors of beef jerky. She brought the, the, the smoked hickory, and the teriyaki, and... What’s that other one?

Terry: I’m real sorry, Pat.

Pat: What’s that other one? She was just talking about this. Just hours ago. Smoked hickory, teriyaki and...

Tapio: Hickory teriyaki.

Pat: Hickory teriyaki. Thanks, Tapio. It’s just a bit of a strange joke, Terry. Did Jaakko and Ilmo put you up to this?

Terry: Pat...

Pat: Well, somebody’s having a laugh over this little prank I’m sure. Terry, thank you so much for your time. Can’t wait to see those Deerfest cuckoos at the market. Wendy will be there with her beef jerky as always, and we’ll be back after this.