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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Corpses are part of the job. Quote2
― Tammy Booker, Alan Wake 2

Tammy and Ed Booker are a married couple from New York, visiting Bright Falls to research the 2010 disappearance of novelist Alan Wake.



Tammy Booker is a true crime writer, whereas her husband, Ed Booker, is a playwright and director. Ed's one-act plays were met with limited success, and he relied on Tammy's income to support his playwriting.[1]

In 2023, Tammy took a research trip to Bright Falls to study the disappearance of Alan Wake 13 years earlier. Ed decided to accompany his wife to take a break from the city and hopefully discover inspiration for his creative work.

Events of Alan Wake 2[]


On the day prior to the arrival of the FBI agents, the Bookers use boltcutters to breach the Cauldron Lake barrier fence. They set up a camp by the lake, and on that night, they witnessed the reappearance of Robert Nightingale as a Taken from afar. Not realizing what he was, they only saw him as a strange nude man in the woods and decided not to approach him. Shortly after, they found the Cult of the Tree in the midst of killing Nightingale and, believing they had found a crime in progress, quickly ran away and called the police. The cultists were forced to stop the ritual and flee to avoid discovery, inadvertently allowing Nightingale to remain a threat.

The following day, the Bookers found themselves at the Oh Deer Diner, having been brought there by Sheriff Tim Breaker after they were interviewed by the Sheriff Department. They were briefly interviewed by Saga and asked to surrender the cultist necklace they discovered. Later on, the Bookers had a heated argument, resulting in Ed angrily leaving the diner and driving the rental car back to Cauldron Lake.[2] In the evening, Ed was discovered and forcibly restrained by an unidentified group.[3]


In Alan Wake's Dark Place version of New York, characters "based on" the Bookers appear in Echoes related to the first and second murder sites. Tammy "plays" the role of a Professor, while Ed "plays" a Play Director.


In Initiation 2: Casey, the Professor's research aids Detective Casey's investigation of a missing FBI agent in the New York City subway. From "Tammy," we learn the Cult of the Word uses these subway tunnels for their ritual sacrifices, reenacting the murders described in Alan Wake's crime books. Additionally, it's suggested Wake participates in these rituals under a false identity, Mr. Scratch.

The most chilling revelation from the Professor's research pertains to the grim fate of the Torchbearers (who, in this story, are "mystics" living in the tunnels). The cultists tracked down the members living in the tunnels, confined them within a derailed subway car, and then drenched the car with gasoline before setting it ablaze, burning the victims alive.

Play Director[]

In Initiation 5: Room 665, Detective Casey is investigating a murder that occurred in Room 108 of the Oceanview Hotel. The Play Director led an acting troupe which performed "The Cult," an immersive play held in the same hotel, and provides Casey with details surrounding the play.

From the Play Director, we learn the play had been plagued by strange incidents ever since the pre-show ritual, mostly revolving around a mystery celebrity playing the role of The Devil. The actor never interacted with the rest of the cast and never broke character. Furthermore, we learn The Devil knew the leading lady, The Muse, and had joined the play solely to murder her.

Eternal Deerfest[]

The Bookers did not leave Bright Falls before September 15, 2023, and were caught in the radius when Scratch used the Clicker to make Bright Falls manifest his ending of Return. The two can be found in front of the Oh Deer Diner, standing around and wearing deer masks, and praising Return like everyone else trapped in the Eternal Deerfest.


  • Based on what the Bookers told Saga, and a conversation between Mulligan and Thornton as written in the manuscript of Return, it's suggested that had the FBI not arrived, Nightingale's murder would have been pinned to The Bookers.[4] However, this is said after the deputies were corrupted by The Dark Presence, so this might be due to the dark influence.