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Can we get a differences page between the book and the game? Also - what has Remedy said about the book - is it canon? There are a few references in the novel that are only in the companian materials - like Clay being in Alan's dream at the beginning. And the end, is that what happens next?

Just started reading this great novel and already im loving it. I've only just put 
it down at around page 50 when Alan confronts his first taken in the forest. If 
your going to get this book I strongly recommend that you play the game first 
because then you'll remember what the book is going on about and it helps you 
visualise it better.

Overall for the book so far I would give it; 
10/10 - Compelling Storyline; 
10/10 - Gripping-ness; 
10/10 - Making you not want to put it down!!

LCreamer 08:47, August 18, 2010 (UTC)LcreamerLCreamer 08:47, August 18, 2010 (UTC)