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Taken In His Prime is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is an episode of the television series of Night Springs.


After answering an ad in the newspaper for a job in the service industry, Manny finds himself being chased by two men in the forest. Despite his efforts, the two men find and overpower him. As Manny pleads for a reason to why he is being beaten, the two men explain to him that, before he can start working, they first need to take something out of him. After receiving several hits, one of the men reaches into Manny's shirt and pulls out a gelatinous object, which he refers to as his "free will". Claiming that "it is more trouble than it’s worth”, the man proceeds to burn the object with a lighter. Manny gets up off the ground, now calmer, questioning what had just happened to him and not knowing what he is supposed to do, with one of the men assuring him that they will tell him all about that.


Night Springs Narrator: Freedom! A fusion of vigilance, conscience and uncompromising clarity of vision, a need so fundamental it permeates our very being. And yet a man may be brought to his knees in a single heartbeat... in Night Springs. Tonight's episode... Taken in His Prime.

[Manny runs through the forest, escaping from something]

Night Springs Narrator: For young Manny, the night hasn't been kind. He's a marked man, selected for a lifetime of servitude after answering an ad in a newspaper. But first, a little field surgery is required.

[Manny stops and crouch; while he looks around, a man sneaks up behind him]

Man: Well, well. Look what I found.

[Manny attempts to run away, but a second man captures him; the two man restrain him and push him to the ground]

Manny: Aahh! Please, no!

[the two men begin to punch Manny]

Man: Yeah, I think you're just about ready for it.

Man 2: Best if you don't resist us, kid. We gotta beat it out of you.

Manny: What?! I don't understand! What… what did I do? I just wanted to get a job in the service industry!

Man: Oh, you're gonna serve, all right!

Manny: No! Argh! Gah! Please - aahh!

[one of the men put his hand inside Manny’s shirt]

Man: There it is! It's coming out now! Right between the self-esteem and childhood traumas!

Manny: What are you doing to me?!

[the man extracts a gelatinous object from under Manny’s shirt]

Man 2: Quit squirming! There, I got it! Believe me, kid, this free will thing is more trouble than it's worth!

[one the men uses lighter to burn the object, causing it to explode in flash of light; Manny stands up]

Manny: What… what was that?

Man 2: Ohh, nothing for you to worry about, Manny.

Manny: I… I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Man 2: We'll tell you all about that. Don't you worry.  

Night Springs Narrator: Another vacant worker ant, birthed in fury and violence for the pleasure and convenience of ruthless and malicious men. Stranger things can happen... in Night Springs.


The Television holding this episode can be found on the second floor of the Town Hall building.


  • The remaster version of this episode includes new shoots of Manny's "free will" being extracted from him.
  • The episode appears to be a reference to the Taken, whose free will is taken away from them when they are killed by the Dark Presence.