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Take Control

The cover of the song.

Take Control is a song by the Old Gods of Asgard. It is played during a mission in Control, another game by Remedy Entertainment, to help Jesse Faden navigate the Ashtray Maze.


Take control, take control

I see a vision rising, dreary
Fading in as children play twilight games
In the town called Ordinary
An eye of light reveals a gateway to doomsday

In that projection of reality
Something passes through the stars, shifting walls
Enter agents of ill fantasy
For evil holds you in its arms, false alarms

Illusory, treading on reality
Polaris in a web of hypocrisy
Take control, take control

Oh, can’t you see, see the light is fading?
And in the night the demons rage and call your name
No deeper madness than your own making
Visions lashing blades of shame, but will you take the blame?

Hissing noises in the hallway
Bloodshot eyes, staring through, what seeds are sown?
Who’ll survive the blood red power play?
Who’ll take control, whose name will be known?

Illusory, reality’s all fallacy
Polaris in a web of hypocrisy
Take control, take control

I wish I’d had the wherewithal to find you when I had the chance
Instead I danced with death in fervour’s skin
I missed the moment before the fall to recognise I had a voice
A choice to stop it all from happening
If only I could save you from the pain

A rising sense of awe and wonder
A might I see has always been deep within me
I can feel my inborn power
I call the shots when it’s all finally clear to see

And so I’m drawn ever deeper
In the Oldest House and all these empty rooms
This vacant, spellbound mystery motel
Where I’m the keeper, where I set the rules

Potency is my new reality
Polaris living now inside of me
I control, I control


  • The song is available to play on the Mind Place radio, alongside other songs by The Old Gods of Asgard, after interacting with the jukebox in the Valhalla Nursing Home as part of an Overlap ritual.