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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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TV Shows are a type of collectibles found in Alan Wake. They consists of short, live-action segments reproduced on televisions found through the game. These collectibles fall into two main groups: the Night Springs episodes, which require their televisions to be manually turned on in order to be collected, the Writer in the Cabin episodes, whose televisions will automatically turn on and are unmissable. Additionally, an episode of the Harry Garrett Show is also found on the sixth episode and watching it is necessary to advance with the story. There is a total of 14 TV Shows to be found.

List of TV Shows[]

Episode One: Nightmare[]

# Image Name Section Location
1 Quantum Suicide Waking up to a Nightmare Inside the small shed outside the third Biltmore logging camp.
2 Writer in the Cabin 1 Inside the Stucky's Gas Station garage.

Episode Two: Taken[]

# Image Name Section Location
3 Writer in the Cabin 2 Bright Falls Sheriff Station In the Bright Falls Sheriff Station cell area, after talking with Ben Mott.
4 Man in the Mirror Elderwood National Park Inside the third hilltop cabin before the Elderwood Visitor Center.
5 Writer in the Cabin 3 In the men's restroom of the Elderwood National Park campground.

Episode Three: Ransom[]

# Image Name Section Location
6 Writer in the Cabin 4 On the Run In Rose Marigold's bedroom, on her trailer.
7 A Family Occasion Mirror Peak Inside the train depot warehouse.
8 Writer in the Cabin 5 Inside a shack in the Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town.

Episode Four: The Truth[]

# Image Name Section Location
9 Writer in the Cabin 6 Cauldron Lake Lodge On the mezzanine floor of the Cauldron Lake Lodge.
10 Writer in the Cabin 7 The Anderson Farm In a room on the second floor of Walter Snyder's cabin.
11 The Dream of Dreams Inside the large barn on the Anderson Farm.

Episode Five: The Clicker[]

# Image Name Section Location
12 Taken in His Prime Night Life in Bright Falls On the second floor of the Town Hall building.
13 An Absence of Creativity Bright Falls Light & Power Inside the second control booth of the L.t. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge.

Episode Six: Departure[]

# Image Name Section Location
14 The Harry Garrett Show On the Road to Cauldron Lake In the living room of Alan Wake's apartment.


  • An additional television can be found on the Cauldron Lake Lodge that will play two real-life commercials (replaced with two episodes of Night Springs in the Remaster) when turned on. Said TV is not required for the Couch Potato achievement, instead unlocking the Boob Tube achievement.