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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Quote1 Syvempää kaivoa kuin ihmissielu ei katsomalla löydä. Quote2
― Suomi Hall Plaque

Suomi Hall (translated to Finland Hall) is a location found in downtown Watery.

Events in Alan Wake 2[]

  • On Saga's first visit to Watery, Ahti will be on stage performing karaoke of Yötön Yö (song), with several town residents and visitors from the nursing home watching.
  • Later in game, Mayor Setter will be on stage, whom Saga can pet.


Appearance Transcript
Suomi Hall - Tervetuloa

Experience the famed Finnish-American hospitality and enjoy your free map of Watery! Remember to stop by Suomi Hall for our many events and activities! 
(en transl: Welcome!)

Suomi Hall - No Deeper Well
No Deeper Well
Syvempää kaivoa kuin on ihmissielu ei katsomalla löydä 

(en transl: One cannot find a deeper well than the human soul by looking)

Suomi Hall - Aamunkajo Paljastaa
Aamunkajo Paljastaa
Aamunkajo paljastaa mitä yön pimeys kätkee 

(en transl: Light of dawn reveals what the darkness of the night hides)

Suomi Hall - Corner Piano
Corner Piano and Decorations
Ei yötä niin pimeätä ettei toista vielä pimeämpää 

(en transl: No night so dark, that there won't be one any darker)

Suomi Hall Name Plaque[]

Hanging on the wall are two plaques with 90 name plates (91 including sticky note). For a full list of names, see the section below and click "Expand".

Appearance Transcript
Nameplates Suomi Hall
Suomi Hall Name Plaque
See below for the list of names

Announcements and News Articles[]

Hanging on the bulletin board (wall, left of stage) are posters for a number of upcoming events in Watery, as well as newspaper articles of interest.

Appearance Transcript
Suomi Hall - Moosefest Poster
Moosefest Poster & News Articles

One-of-a-Kind Amusement Park Opens in Watery 
I'm sure all of our readers know Ilmo Koskela who, with the help of his brother Jaakko, has been making our small town of Watery a bustling hub with his various business ventures. The latest of these, Coffee World, has its grand opening just around the corner. I had the chance to ask Ilmo a few questions about Coffee World. 
Q: Ilmo, what is Coffee World about? 
ILMO: I'm glad you asked! Coffee World is the world's greatest coffee-themed amusement park for all ages! And right here in our hometown of Watery. It's got all the rides, thrills, and excitement you could ask for - and of course, lots of delicious, fresh coffee! Both hot and iced. Put that in.
Q: How did this unique business idea come about?
ILMO: Well, as you know, I'm all about ideas. An idealist, you could say. But what's even more important to me than my many successful businesses is our hometown. With my help, we can revitalize Watery, build its economy back up, bring the tourists back in, and enjoy ourselves in the process too! Coffee World is just as much for the townspeople as it is for the out-of-towners.
Q: Which attraction should the visitors be sure not to miss?
 ILMO: Oh, that's like having to choose a favorite child. It's impossible! But the Slow Roaster is of course a wonderful ride full of mystery and magic! And the Espresso Express is sure to give you a thrill! Also, don't forget to drop by the Fresh Pot Gift Shop on your way out. You never know what treasures you might find! Q: Coffee at least, I bet. ILMO: Yes.


Raffles, Karaoke and Skits 
Glögi, Korvapuusti & Karjalanpiirakka 
Come One, Come All!!


An anonymous source sent this photograph to our editors, claiming it was captured during the last full moon. 
A majestic beast hidden in the depths of the water or an elaborate prank? A sea creature that defies the very Laws of Nature or a submarine relic from the Cold War era? A lonely wanderer searching for companionship and compassion or a fearsome monster out for blood?
These questions, among others, haunt our editorial team here at The Bright Falls Record after one of our avid readers sent in this mysterious photograph as evidence of an unidentified creature roaming Watery's waters and making a rare but opportune appearance. This titillating spotting might just be the event of the year! 
As we dive deeper into this mystery, we here at The Bright Falls Record invite all our readers to a naming competition! What should our local beast be called? Watery Wanda? Shellie the sea monster? Send in your suggestions now! 
More updates and revelations to follow, as the story unfolds.


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FBC Downtown Base (Behind Suomi Hall)[]

Behind Suomi Hall is an unnamed building that will initially be locked until Saga finds the screwdriver. This is another Watery FBC research base of operation, the other being the Watery Ranger Cabin. This and the Ranger Cabin are both overseen by Michaels, Junior Assistant Researcher, with the Ranger Cabin being staged for the Maiden Waiting experiment. He is advised by Vega, Assistant Researcher.

Appearance Transcript
Downtown Watery - Watery Nursery Rhymes
Watery Nursery Rhymes

Ranger Cabin.......1 
Trailer Park...........2 
Coffee World.........1 
Watery Woods......2 

Downtown Watery - Maiden Waiting Letters
"Maiden Waiting" Letters

When are you returning? I've been waiting for so long. I miss you. Send me a letter as soon as you can. It's lonely here and I pine. 
Your Fair Maiden


My dear Maiden, 
I am out of luck and out of means. I'd love to come back home to you soon, but alas I must gather my strength and my funds first. Don't forget about me! I'll be with you sooner than you think! 
Yours truly


It pains me to hear you will not be arriving. But I will keep waiting until you do. I would never forget about you, how could I? 
Your Fair Maiden

Downtown Watery - Beauty and the Beast Report
"Beauty and the Beast" Report

Test results/notations: 
Creating the perfect environment for each test case has become the crux of my study. However, I am certain that setting the stage in a sufficiently convincing manner will make the Fiction come into existence. I am now going to use propping in the way a set designer of a feature film would - making the cabin seem like the actual house of the characters depicted in the rhyme with small personal touches and realistic items in addition to the few key items (such as the drawings, dolls, and personal letters) used so far. 
The early results have been promising but incomplete. I will continue with the propping in a controlled manner until it reaches a functional state. It is crucial to gain traction with this. The dimensional opening I'm attempting to manifest in this very location will be a groundbreaking achievement worthy of my genius.

FBC Email Correspondence[]

The following email correspondence is found at this location's desktop computer, and shows messages between this site's Junior Assistant Research, Michaels, and the Bright Falls Ranger Station site Assistant Researcher, Vega.

Maiden Waiting failure
from: Michaels
to: Vega
01/23/2023 12:12 PM

Just to update you - I haven't had any success with setting the stage yet. Even the letters from the characters themselves are no use.

Do you have any tips on what I should try next?

Junior Assistant Researcher

RE: Maiden Waiting failure
from: Vega
to: Michaels
01/23/2023 12:30 PM

So there are no results? The propping has been proven to be effective according to Dr. Campbell. Maybe it's something in the rhyme itself? Is it too mature? Too direct? Should we add complexity and charm to it? Try some different approaches and get back to me.

Assistant Researcher

RE:RE: Maiden Waiting failure
from: Michaels
to: Vega
01/23/2023 12:41 PM

Alright, thanks. I'll try to add some "complexity and charm". This is a really great use of my master's in applied physics.

Junior Assistant Researcher

Plaque Names List (91 Total)[]

Click expand to view the names list.

Left Plaque
Column 1
Left Plaque
Column 2
Left Plaque
Column 3
Left Plaque
Column 4
Left Plaque
Column 5
Jare Peltonen Malii Hämäläinen Damian Stenberg Tommi Lind Aatami Persson
Maun Gusvaisson Joni Linderen Nina Tammisto Joonas Itäranta Nata Jankkila
Minna Eisalof Aniii Karkinen Niko Kaples Anna Mellor Miettinen Eetu Nininen
Maties Ibsen Lea Velin Sebastian Suhola Santer Arpo Tarja Merikanto
Tatu MikkoiB Ville Sermin Annika Neuvonen Matias Petrikeinen Viktoria Kontio
Simo Wasselin Risto Kallis Anastasia Holmström Kitka Fuljonen Joni Rytkönen
Rasmus Koski Sami Kastatinen Mikaelkivi Matias Leminen Björn Nilsson
Peter Nissan Joose Suutarinen Markus Sekki Time Aspila Petteri Amorim
Kristoff Eatsto Oliver Kerkela Robin Meri Masa Onkamo Kimi Kangas
Lumi Murto

Right Plaque
Column 1
Right Plaque
Column 2
Right Plaque
Column 3
Right Plaque
Column 4
Right Plaque
Column 5
Erik Peltola Adam Maununpoika Niko Mohammad-Hadi Mitja Puro Valo Dolbeau
Jere Cerisy Arto Fernandez Abbie Jaakola Leo Vuori Rebekka Rikula
Mikaela Lipmah Kaarina Sohlo Elmeri Raitanen Juhani Jokinen Samuli Jolkio
Jalmari Kunnari Yrjö Suutarinen Inka Timonen Eveliina Keinonen Alex Sandén
Antero Myllärinen Feliks Varha Dimitri Jaakkola Admir Nurmi Karita Sanchez
Markus Lappalainen Ilmari Timonen Riikka Kilpeläinen Kirka Puijonen Teuvo Velin
Mirko Autio Nicolas Ahonen K. Oksanen (Volunteer Gardener) Fredrik Nyrell Niko Suhonen
Julian Tuliniemi Coralie Ahjonen Adam Puttonen Benjamin Anders Joosua Pellinen
Elina Sievänen Teemu Huhtiniemi Lenni Hakola Veronika Ruoste Kullervo Gunnarsson


  • "Suomi" means "Finland" in Finnish.