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Stucky's Gas Station is a location appearing in Alan Wake.


As its name implies, Stucky's gas station is under the ownership of Carl Stucky. Alan first comes across it in Nightmare, shortly after he wakes up from his car accident. He initially attempts to reach it in order to get help, but he soon realizes, (after his first encounter with the Taken) that he needs to reach it to save himself. On rout to the gas station, Alan was attack by Taken Stucky. Shortly after he reaches the well-lit station, he is picked up by Sheriff Sarah Breaker. Later in the game, when Alan is escaping from the police and the Taken, you can see how the police helicopter is precipitated from the sky on Stucky's Gas Station and both explode.


  • In Ransom, when you walk on the first ranger tower and look through the binoculars, you can see Stucky's Gas Station lit in the distance, not far from the helicopter's crash site.
  • In earlier builds, the gas station was supposed to be owned by Ben Mott.