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Sinclair is a psychiatric nurse at Cauldron Lake Lodge who appears in Alan Wake.

Events of Alan Wake

In Episode 4: The Truth, she can initially be seen standing around talking to Birch about the patients. Later, during a storm, Tor Anderson hits her in the head with a hammer, knocking her out.

Psycho Thriller

After the storm passes, she wakes up, but is attacked by Ben Mott. Emil Hartman saves her, and the two encounter one of the residents Rudolf Lane, who is soon killed by Mott. The two then meet with Deputies Mulligan and Thornton where with their help, they manage to defeat Mott. After these events she see's Hartman for the cold hearted man that he is.


  • She's a control freak; although friendly in initial appearances, she likes seeing the patients bend to her will and for some of the shady things Emil Hartman tells her to do, her excuse is "she's only following orders".