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Quote1 Uh-huh. You know, somehow this crap didn't come up when I applied for the job. I know a lot of the stuff wasn't exactly legal, and I got no problem with getting my hands dirty if need be, but -- Possession? I'm not saying I don't believe in it, I saw him. But this is not what I signed up for. Quote2
― Sinclair to Emil Hartman in Psycho Thriller

Sinclair is a minor character who appears in Alan Wake and its companion comic, Psycho-Thriller. She works as psychiatric nurse at Cauldron Lake Lodge, under Doctor Emil Hartman, helping to control unruly patients and occasionally carrying out illegal tasks.


Sinclair is a young Caucasian woman with brown, large hair. She wears a white and light gray nurse uniform.


While trying to maintain a professional appearance, Sinclair greatly enjoyed the authority she possessed over her patients. As a result, she developed a dislike for the Anderson Brothers due to their unruly behavior and their unwillingness to obey her.[1] Like her fellow nurse, Birch, Sinclair had no qualms in performing task for her employer, Emil Hartman, that may have been considered unethical, something she herself admitted,[2] under the excuse that "she [was] only following orders".[1] However, she does have moral limits, as seen when she was visibly disgusted by Hartman sacrificing one of his patients for his own survival. This, coupled with the fact that the she was almost killed by the supernatural forces that her employer was studying, something she had not applied to work with, led her to quit her job, and left her with a deep hatred towards the doctor.


Bright Falls AWE[]

Following his encounter with The Dark Presence in Lovers' Peak, Alan Wake was taken to the Cauldron Lake Lodge in an attempt by Emil Hartman to have him under his control. While Birch was instructed to keep an eye on the writer, Sinclair had orders to look after the rest of the patients who were still in the building,including Tor and Odin Anderson. When a storm began to form near the lake, the Andersons took this as an opportunity to cause a commotion that allowed Wake to escape. Sinclair attempted to restrain the brothers but their unusual strength proved to be too much for her and called Birch for help. Tor's plastic hammer inexplicably transformed into an actual hammer, much to the nurses' surprise, and hit Sinclair with it, knocking her unconscious. Soon afterwards, The Dark Presence began to take over the lodge.[3]

Psycho Thriller Page 5

Sinclair is attacked by the Taken Ben Mott at the Cauldron Lake Lodge.

While Birch was taken by The Dark Presence, Sinclair, somehow, managed to survive the initial attack. More than a day later, while trying to leave the lodge, she was attacked by the taken Ben Mott. Before he could kill her, Hartman, who had also survived the attack, intervened and saved Sinclair from Mott before the two of them retreated back to the lodge. As the two made their way through the seemingly abandoned building, Hartman explained the situation to the nurse, including the peculiar nature of Mott's new appearance. While Sinclair acknowledged that she did not mind that her boss' activities were not entirely legal, she reproached to him that dealing with such things was not why she had accepted the job. The duo soon arrived to the dining hall, where they found Rudolf Lane, who was uncontrollably painting pictures, as he begged them to help him stop. Hartman immediately noticed that one of the pictures depicted his death at the hands of Mott, and proceded to give his sweater to Lane. Sinclair soon realized the doctor's intention and, although she at first objected, she ultimately escaped with Hartman before the taken Mott appeared once again and murdered Lane, whom he mistook for his former boss.

Hoping that Lane would have served as a distraction, Hartman and Sinclair attempted to reach the garage but where soon found by Mott. As they struggled to keep the taken at bay, Deputies Mulligan and Thornton arrived at the scene, forcing Mott to retreat. While Sinclair insisted that it was best for them to simply abandon the place, Hartman instead opted to take care of Mott once and for all, using Lane's death as a pretext. While disgusted by Hartman's hypocrisy, the nurse decided to join him and the deputies, but not without telling her boss that she resigned. Not long after, Hartman set up a trap for Mott, using himself as a bait to lure the taken while the deputies waited for his signal to open fire. The plan worked and Mott was successfully killed. The deputies then attempted with no success to question Hartman about what had occurred at the lodge, with Sinclair promising to answer their questions instead as long as they took her away from the lodge.[4]


  • Sinclair's uniform is colored brown/dark gray in the Psycho Thriller comic.


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