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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Signs are a type of collectibles found in Alan Wake. These may take the form of signs, posters, plaques, notes, or any other type of written object, and can be collected by reading them. There is a total of 25 signs which can be read and collected through the game.

List of signs[]

Episode 1: Nightmare[]

# Image Name Section Location
1 The 68th Annual Deerfest Waking up to a Nightmare On the shop of Stucky's Gas Station.

Episode 2: Taken[]

# Image Name Section Location
2 Have You Seen This Man? Bright Falls Sheriff Station On the wall of the corridor leading to Sheriff Breaker's office, inside the Sheriff Station.
3 The skeleton of a Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) Elderwood National Park In front of Buck-Toothed Charlie's skeleton, inside the Elderwood Visitor Center.
4 Moonshine Cave Inside the Moonshine Cave.
5 The Great Old One Next to the Great Old One.
6 Tree Ring On a small picnic area near the cable car.

Episode 3: Ransom[]

# Image Name Section Location
7 Founding of the Mining Company Mirror Peak On the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum, next to a closed tunnel.
Decline of the Mining Company On the left side of the display cabinet of the coal mine museum.
Closure of the Mining Company On the corner of a wall of the main building of the coal mine museum.
8 Gray Peak Gorge Next to the broken bridge of the Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town.
9 Cauldron Lake Next to a safe haven located near the rope bridge leading to Mirror Peak.

Episode 4: The Truth[]

# Image Name Section Location
10 Sundial Inscription Cauldron Lake Lodge At the foot of the sundial stone platform at the Cauldron Lake Lodge.
11 The Creator's Dilemma In the lodge reception area.
12 Tenets of the Lodge On the corridor near the recreation room of the lodge.
13 "Suspended" At the base of the "Suspended" sculpture in the driveway of the lodge.
14 The 1975 Ragnarock Tour The Anderson Farm On the upper floor of the Anderson Farm barn.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

# Image Name Section Location
15 History of Bright Falls Night Life in Bright Falls At the foot of the statue located in the Bright Falls park.
16 Alan Wake book advert On the Bright Falls Book Store.
17 Church Events, Fall Schedule At the front of the Bright Falls Church.
18 L.t. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge Bright Falls Light & Power At the right side of the road before the L.t. William T.G. Randall Memorial Bridge.
19 Warning Sign Next to the entrance to the Bright Falls Light & Power.
20 Floodgate Controls Next to the switches controlling the dam bridges leading to the kill switch, on the Bright Falls Light & Power.
21 Decommissioned Notice Next to the switch at the entrance to the Bright Falls Dam.

Episode 6: Departure[]

# Image Name Section Location
22 Majestic Motel Advert On the Road to Cauldron Lake On the second vista lookout after the Bright Falls Dam.
23 Majestic Motel Regulations On the reception room of the Majestic Motel.
24 Scrapyard Warning Sign At the entrance to the Larsen's Auto Salvage, next to the open gate.
25 Scrapyard Visitor Sign On the wall of the yard manager’s garage entrance, at the Larsen's Auto Salvage.


  • "Have You Seen This Man?", despite being composed of two readable posters, is counted as only one sign. The same applies for the three signs on the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum. In both cases, only one of the signs needs to be read to be counted as collected.