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Shifter Energy Nodes (SENs) were a technology created by the Ripple Effect Corporation in order to power a Polyhedron Reality Shifter. Nodes were shaped like common polyhedrons: active nodes floated above the ground and spun in mid-air, contained a glowing, multicolored energy. Once the energy was absorbed into the PRS, the dead casing would drop to the ground.

For some reason, each reality seemed to have its own polyhedral shape for its SENs.


Reality Shape Patch Pop-Up Visible SEN Described
Poison Pill tetrahedron Y -- -- --
Night Springs Park octahedron Y Y Y --
Oceanview Hotel icosahedron Y Y Y --
REC sphere? Y -- -- --
Side-Scrolling cube -- Y Y --
Door's Desert dodecahedron Y Y Y --
Logos pentagonal trapezohedron -- -- -- Y

Background Information[]

  • Shifter Energy Nodes may be a reference to the Chronon Field Regulator (CFR) from Quantum Break, which was an icosahedron. They also behave in a similar fashion to free-floating Chronon Sources.
  • While in context, the "shifter" in Shifter Energy Node likely refers to the Polyhedron Reality Shifter, it may be a nod to QB's Shifters.
  • Arriving in each reality flashes a 2D drawing on-screen of that reality's polyhedral shape as seen from above. In cases where neither this flashing nor the SEN is seen, the shape is also shown as a jacket patch on The Actor's right arm.
  • Of the seven shapes shown or suggested, five of them are Platonic solids; the exceptions are the sphere and the pentagonal trapezohedron. Ignoring the presumed sphere, the rest are the same shapes used as dice in various tabletop roleplaying games, explaining the presence of the pentagonal trapezohedron among the other Platonic solids.