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Sheriff's Station Attacked is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


Agent Young held his clipboard up to the light. The equipment was all accounted for. He ticked the boxes, satisfied. A nose on the other side of the backlot made him pause. He peered into the darkness. Nothing. Shrugging, he signed and dated the form. Estevez wanted everything ready.

Just in case. Young appreciated a cautious leader. Estevez had held it together even after the Oldest House had gone dark. Young began to head inside. The local sheriff's station was a tight fit, but at least they had a coffee machine.

Young felt optimistic. The Parautilitarian was already in custody. Another clatter. Behind him. Closer this time. He turned, hand on his holster. He called out to the darkness. "This station has been seized by the Federal Bureau of Control. You are not authorized to be here." Suddenly, the lights flickered. Went off. Young couldn't see a thing. Then, from inside the station, the screams began.


The page depicts...


  • Location: Bright Falls (Sheriff's Station, cells)
  • Enter the cellblock. This page is in the first cell on the right.