The Search light is the most powerful form of Lighting equipment in Alan Wake.


The most powerful light-source, they are rarely found, so make the most of it when you find them. These military-grade search lights are able to destroy even the largest, most powerful Taken.

When in use, the search light will emit a very strong beam of light, stripping away the darkness at any Taken or item it shines upon. boosting gives it the ability to actually kill Taken at the expense of an extremely short boosting time. One useful tip is to burn away at the Taken's darkness before boosting the searchlight effectively killing more Taken easily. Do take into consideration that the searchlights also cause a knock back effect when a Taken is caught in the boosted light, which is useful to keep them away.

Note that you will be pushed away from the search light controls if you get hurt. If you boost the searchlight for too long, it will overheat meaning you'll need to wait for the circle bar to deplete fully before boosting again.

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